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Your Generosity Matters

Your Generosity Matters

Your Generosity Matters

Your support made a huge impact during the fall and winter season of 2019-2020. Thanks to generous people like you all across North America, more than 415,000 brand new coats were gifted to those in need. From small rural towns to major cities and everywhere in between, Operation Warm donors provided a gift of warmth, confidence and hope to many children.

The Local Impact of Operation Warm

Operation Warm donors should feel proud of the good they have done for their local communities. The impact of bringing warmth, confidence and hope to the children they serve goes beyond the physical gift of a brand new coat.

Thank You for giving the gift of happiness…

Quotes from students after receiving their brand new coats:

"I am going to wear this coat forever and ever."

“It’s like wearing a hug!”

“It’s like being in my Pop-Pop’s warm blanket.”

“I really get to take this home?”

“I am happy today.”

“These are magic coats!”

“I love my coat, this is my dancing coat.”

“I’m going to wear my coat all year! Even in the summer!”

In 2019 Supporters Like You Had Major Impact! 

COATS- … more than 415,000 brand new coats will keep children warm, confident, and filled with hope and able to go to school on even the coldest days.

SCHOOLS- … more than 1,400 schools, nonprofits, and other organizations received coats for the children they serve.

BOOKS- … more than 7,500 books were given to children as part of our Warm Welcome to the Library program

HEROES- … more than 30,000 volunteers helped children find their perfect brand new coats.

Receive stories of warmth, confidence and hope and learn how you can help children in need. 

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