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25 Firefighters Fundraising Alternatives to Boot Fundraising

As if Part One and Part Two weren’t enough….here are 25 more alternatives to boot fundraising. This is a total count of 75 different fundraising ideas.

  1. Feature a classic car show
  2. Create a family fun day
  3. Do a dog wash
  4. Do a dance-off competition or dance marathon event
  5. Have a rubber duck race with Firefighter Rubber Duckies
  6. Collect books from the community for a used book sale
  7. Host a rock-a-thon with rock and roll music and rocking chairs
  8. Offer a memorial or cause dinner
  9. Do a community lantern release
  10. Ask for a donation match from a local business—donors are more likely to donate when a sponsor matches their amounts, effectively doubling their impact
  11. Buy a brick—have a message engraved and the bricks can be laid at the station or a local park
  12. Pie throwing contest (whipped cream and tin foil plates—both can be donated). Charge per pie—and sell ponchos.
  13. Firefighters in jail—fire firefighters get locked in “jail” and must ask passerby to help bail them out. (Good at a community event)
  14. Christmas tree delivery service. Team up with a local tree farm or lot. Having a tree delivered by fire truck is something many would like.
  15. Host a junior fire fighter camp or skills clinic for a day
  16. Fish tank funds—place a shot glass in a fish tank. This is great for a community event or to set in place at a local business. The goal is to get a quarter into the shot glass. If they succeed, they get a small prize such as a coupon for a local restaurant food item. Meanwhile, the quarters pile up.
  17. Beard challenge
  18. Envelope fundraiser. Hang 100 envelopes and number each one. Then, hang them in a central location. People who want to donate choose an envelope and give the amount shown on the envelope. Total haul equals more than $5,000.
  19. Baby photo contest. Have fire fighters bring in their baby photos. The community votes by dropping money in jars near their favorite photos or by making a donation online.
  20. Flower bulb or wreath sale
  21. Record voice mail messages. For a donation, a fire fighter will record a personal and creative outgoing voicemail message.
  22. Set up a hug a fire fighter or ask a fire fighter booth
  23. Name a beer. Work with a local brewery to craft a unique brew. Patrons can vote for a name with donations, and forever after, proceeds of the sale of the brew can be donated to the fire department.
  24. Are you smarter than a fire fighter trivia night. Find trivia questions and answers, sorted by category.
  25. Hand-deliver valentines, Mother’s Day gifts, Christmas treat bags, etc.

This article is part of a three-part series. The Operation Warm staff is always ready to help you brain storm additional ideas or answer any questions you have about fundraising for your Firefighters for Operation Warm brand new coat program. 


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