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How To Change Someone’s Life for the Better

Want to know how to change someone’s life? It may be easier than you think.

There is no real way to measure the enormous impact any one of us can have on another person’s life. Sometimes the smallest things can change the course of history for a person and for all of those that he or she comes in contact with.

To change someone’s life, we need to start with love. Sharing our love for another human being, even if we don’t know them seems strange, but it gets easier with practice. As human beings, some argue, we are put on this earth to help others. If you believe this, it makes changing someone’s life for the better a very natural thing to do—we already have it built into our DNA. We just have to slow down long enough to recognize it. Some of the biggest moments of joy may lay in wait when we freely give something when we haven’t been asked.

Audrey Hepburn is quoted as saying, “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” Good quote.

To get us started, let’s brainstorm some ideas for how to change someone’s life. We’ll get started, but this list is far from complete. It needs your ideas, too. Have some to add? Email us.

Tips on How to Change Someone’s Life

Just Care

The first step to change someone’s life is to care. That is it. There are a million ways to show someone you care, from giving them a smile, to asking about their day. It shows them that they are visible, appreciated and interesting. People can do great things when they know that at least one person cares. It can give them hope and strength to face the future, and inspire them toward a better life.

Provide a Need

When you provide a need, you can make a big difference. It doesn’t matter if it is a physical need, and emotional need or a social need. Some people really need a sincere, authentic compliment. Others need a meal or a cup of coffee. Find a way to meet someone’s need, and you may just change a life.

Have Faith in Their Dreams

Do you remember the last time someone had faith in your dreams? It is a very powerful feeling. As humans, we all suffer from moments of thinking that we are not good enough, and that our big dreams don’t make sense. Give someone a little faith. Let them know that they are worth it. They will begin to believe that their dreams can come true, and this can really be a key way of how to change someone’s life. While you are at it, have more faith in your own life that you are ever expected to have. It can be contagious and affect others.

Share Your Strength

We all have strengths that we can share. They may be natural abilities that we were born with, or hard-won strengths that have come only with hard work and experience. Either way, your strengths are unique to you. Chances are, there are many people out there who could benefit from them. The important thing is to use your strengths to lift someone up, not make them feel badly because of their lack of those strengths.

You can also leverage your strength on behalf of someone else. For example, if you might help young people fill out college applications or fundraise for someone in need. Think outside the box, when it comes to using your strengths to help others.

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