Rotary Clubs Coat Order Form

How to Order Brand New Winter Coats

Thank you for your interest in joining our mission to bring happiness and warmth to children living in need. Your donation of time and treasure will be a blessing to the children who receive new winter coats.

Use this form to designate the beneficiary organization who will receive new Operation Warm winter coats through your program and calculate your required donation amount. You will also specify sizes your beneficiary should receive. You may choose to order our Made in America coats so you will also support American jobs and the economy.


Donation Amounts

Each box of 6 Made in America coats requires a minimum donation of $204.

Each box of six of imported children’s coats requires a minimum donation of $108. Adult sized imported coats are also available and require a donation of $120 per box of six coats. Donors who can arrange to pick up our imported coats at our Franklin Park IL warehouse may reduce their donation by $6 per box.

We also ask that you consider an additional donation to support Operation Warm’s growth so that more children can receive a gift of warmth in the future.