Firefighters for Operation Warm – How It Works

Below are the basic steps which will provide an overview of how the Operation Warm coat program works.
Once your local has decided to participate, sign-up here.

1. Select the Children

Our mission is to serve children in need ages 3-12 across North America.

Given your community knowledge, we trust you to select a worthy organization to serve. Viable options include: low-income elementary schools, shelters, community-based organizations, anti-poverty programs, Boys & Girls clubs, etc.

Using the Free/Reduced Lunch Program as a guide, is a great tool to help identify the need in your community.

2. Set Your Goal

Set your goal based on the price per coat & the number of eligible children at the school/organization you have selected.

Your goal should reflect the amount of money you think your local can raise. The donation per coat starts at $20 and the minimum order is 36 coats.

If you are assisting a school, you may consider focusing on a certain grade(s) rather than serving the entire school.

3. Fundraise

Promote Awareness – using the promotional designs sent to you by your Operation Warm representative, spread awareness of your program to elicit contributions.

Secure Donations – post your CUSTOM donation page link across social media platforms. If you don’t have a page or can’t find your link, please contact

Host an event, raffle, tournament, race, etc. to increase potential donation opportunities – see the Resources in our Partner Portal for fundraising ideas. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

4. Order Coats

Size the Children – when you sign up, you’ll receive our sizing kit your school/beneficiary organization can use.

*NOTE – All coats are prepackaged and shipped in bulk. Coats must be ordered by box. Each box contains 6 coats of the same size & gender, but in a variety of colors. Due to warehousing restrictions, we cannot open boxes to fulfill custom orders. 

Order Coats

5. Give Out the Coats!

Coordinate with Selected Organization – schedule the date/time of the coat giving event and secure space ahead of time – gym, cafeteria, or other spacious areas are ideal.

Plan for PR – Log into your Partner Portal page for tips on how to inform the local press of your event and garner recognition.

Pass Out Coats – the best part!! Gather local members, sponsors, and volunteers to experience first-hand the joy that comes with giving a brand-new coat on a child in need. There is no feeling quite like it!

Ready to Get Started?