Hero’s Challenge 2019

Do you have what it takes for the Nashville Hero’s Challenge? Think you and your friends are strong enough to pull a fire truck? Can you run through four simulated stations of what a fire recruit must complete at the end of their training? Let’s find out!

Nashville Firefighters Local 140 for Operation Warm and the Nashville Fire Department invite you to come partake in the inaugural Hero’s Challenge, Saturday, May 11th.  The event will consist of four stations and the top three individuals will win prizes and bragging rights to say they have what it takes.

The Hero’s Challenge is a fundraiser for Nashville Firefighters for Operation Warm, which provides brand new winter coats to children in need in the Nashville community.

Do You Have What It Takes to be a Fire Hero?

Operation Warm, Hero’s Challenge Video from Nashville Fire Department on YouTube

Hero's Challenge Overview

Team Event – Fire Truck Pull Challenge

Teams of 5 will compete against one another in timed trials to pull a full-sized fire truck 50 feet. The team to cross the line the fastest wins! The challenge is double-elimination – each team will have at least two chances to compete.

Individual Event – Recruit Training Challenge

Station 1 – Sled and Hammer (simulates forcible entry)

Recruit will pick up a ten (10) pound hammer and drive a sled that weighs approximately one hundred and fifty-eight (158) pounds a distance of five (5) feet.

Station 2 – Hose Drag

Candidate will pick up and advance three (3) sections of 1¾ inch uncharged hose with nozzle, 100 feet (approximately) to a designated point and return the hose back to the starting point by picking up each coupling and dragging the hose back to the starting point.

Station 3 – Stair Climb / Hose Raise

Candidate will pick up and carry a Hotel Pack to the four floor of the training tower via the outside stairs, enter the tower and then descend the interior stairs and return to ground level and place the hotel pack at a designated spot.

Candidate will approach a simulated window sill on the second floor of the fire tower, grasp with their gloved hands approximately 20 ft. of rope with a simulated 50 ft. of 2 ½” attack line rolled and attached at the bottom. Candidate will hoist the 2 ½” hose to the top, touching the simulated window sill with the hose.

Candidate will then lower (DO NOT DROP) the 2 ½” hose to the ground. Candidate will proceed to next station as directed.

Station 4 – Rescue Drag

Candidate will begin this task at the opposite end of the mannequin and crawl to the mannequin, once the candidate has reached the mannequin the recruit will stand and drag the mannequin fifty (50) feet to a designated point (Time will stop when the candidate has successfully pulled the mannequin completely passed the designated point).

Ready for the Challenge?


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