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Important Coat Order Announcement

Please review all of the information below prior to submitting your order. The coat order form can be found on this page below the information.

Serving the kids in your communities – that’s your number one priority.  Serving you to help as many kids as possible – that’s Operation Warm’s number one priority.  That’s why we want to share an update with you. A few sizes are out of stock and we are replenishing our inventory now. We are experiencing some delays in receiving our coats.

Why?  Companies across the world are racing to import their products before new tariffs go into effect, causing shortages of containers and cargo ships.  In response, Operation Warm is air freighting rather than ocean shipping some of our coats, just to be sure that you can serve the kids in your communities on schedule.  Please know that WE WILL NOT PASS THIS COST INCREASE ON TO YOU.

Thank you for serving kids in your community and thank you for your patience with Operation Warm.

Coat Order Information

Donation Requirements:
Children’s sizes (2T-14/16)
Classic Coats: $108/box of 6 coats or $216/box of 12 coats ($18 ea.)
Green Guardian: $180/box of 6 coats ($30 ea.)

Adult Sizes (Adult S-XXL)
Classic Coats: $120/box of 6 coats or $240/box of 12 coats ($20 ea.)
Green Guardian: not available in adult sizes

Each box of 6 or 12 coats contains coats of the same size & gender in a variety of colors and styles. We can only ship coats in boxes of 6 or 12.

Minimum order is 36 coats.

Your order cannot ship until your donation is received. Please allow up to 10 business days from receipt of your donation until your order is delivered.

Shipping is free and included in your donation if shipped within the continental U.S. Please see our policy on shipping fees for Canada.

View our 2018-19 coat colors.

Download coat sizing guide.

Coat Order Calculator for 200+ children.

Mail checks to the following address:
Operation Warm, Inc.
PO Box 822431
Philadelphia, PA 19182-2431
Memo: Your organization’s name or fundraiser’s title

Questions/concerns? Contact

Firefighters for Operation Warm Coat Order Form