Warm Schools Program

Operation Warm’s full service employee volunteer packages provide your employees an opportunity to have a meaningful impact in the life of a child and positively contribute to the local community.
Warm Schools Coat Giving Celebrations are a joyful and memorable experience for every volunteer and child.

"This was the best day of work I've ever had"

See a Warm Schools event in action
“I remember the first time I wrote the name in a child’s coat. His name was Timmy, he had a big smile and he gave me a hug.”
-Brett B., FedEx

Your Next Volunteer Experience

  • We’ll create a custom volunteer event to fit your employee’s schedule: location, date, and time of day
  • Your team will meet at the school or library and help create a fun atmosphere for the children: coats, signs, music, props.
  • Child-by-child, smile-by-smile, coat-by-coat – we’ll rewrite the script on childhood poverty for the winter
  • Everyone will leave with a feeling of warmth and a smile

Why NEW Winter Coats?


Operation Warm creates brand new, high-quality coats for children in need, offering a child both physical and emotional warmth.


The gift of a brand new coat empowers children by sparking self-confidence in a way that second-hand clothing cannot. A new coat can help students attend school, socialize with their peers and play outside with pride.


Many families living in poverty struggle to provide necessities like shelter, food, heat and healthcare. Often times, there is not enough left over for essentials like warm clothing. The gift of a brand new coat offers hope to both children and their parents, reminding them there are those in their community that care about their well-being and future.