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50 Summer Activities for Kids That Will Make an Impact

Looking for summer activities for kids that will really make an impact? We've compiled a list of 50 meaningful summer ideas that you can do as a family. While most of the ideas on this list can be done alone or with a little guidance, we suggest working on them together as a family. They offer a great chance to bond and have fun at the same time.

Not only will you be making a difference to others in your community, but you will also be teaching your children about compassion, service and the responsibility of taking care of others.

Whether big or small, these summer activities for kids are sure to make a difference in the world.

Here is a list of our 50 favorite summer activities for kids that will make an impact.

Secret Summer Activities

  1. Leave a happy letter in a library book for someone to find.
  2. Do a secret chore for someone, but don’t let him or her find out who did it.
  3. Leave cookies for your mail carrier.
  4. Bury treasure (small toys or shovels) in a community sandbox for other kids to find.
  5. Leave coupons in the grocery store for others to find.
  6. Make someone else’s bed without getting caught.

Summer Activities that Make Someone Feel Special

  1. Pass out stickers and notepads to other kids waiting in line.
  2. Make a list of 10 things you love about a friend and give it to him or her.
  3. Let someone get ahead of you in line.
  4. Call your grandparents and ask them to share what it was like at your age.
  5. Say thank you when you see a service member.
  6. Give five people a high five.
  7. Give someone a compliment.
  8. Drop off dinner to someone in need.
  9. Hold the door open for someone.
  10. Cheer on the losing team.

Summer Activities with a Big Impact

  1. Raise money for a good cause.
  2. Donate coloring books and crayons to a children’s hospital or shelter.
  3. Donate food to a food pantry. Bonus, decorate the tops of the cans.
  4. Donate socks to a homeless shelter.
  5. Collect books for a school or library.
  6. Bring bottled water to people who have to work outside.
  7. Carry around extra food and bottled water to give to homeless people.
  8. Participate in a volunteer opportunity that welcomes children and families.
  9. Volunteer at an event, such as a fun run, that donates its proceeds.
  10. Host a garage sale and donate the proceeds to a good cause.

Summer Activities in Your Neighborhood

  1. Pick up litter in your town.
  2. Buy an extra snack for someone at the movies.
  3. Pull out weeds for a neighbor.
  4. Hand out bubbles on the playground.
  5. Fill a clear jar with candy and leave it on someone’s doorstep.
  6. Volunteer to read to pets at an animal shelter.
  7. Dry off the playground equipment after it rains.
  8. Treat your neighborhood friends to ice cream from the ice cream truck.
  9. Set up a free lemonade stand in your neighborhood.
  10. Plant flowers in a communal area of your town.
  11. Create your own little free library.

Crafty Summer Activities

  1. Paint some rocks with rainbows and smiley faces, and then leave them for others to find.
  2. Make muffins for local heroes (police, firefighters, teachers, etc.)
  3. Mail a homemade card or a letter to a friend.
  4. Mix together peanut butter and birdseed for backyard birds.
  5. Draw a picture for a service member.
  6. Send a handmade thank you note to someone who has made a difference.

Other Impactful Summer Activities

  1. Take care of a friends pet while the family is on vacation.
  2. Collect old towels to donate to an animal shelter.
  3. Drop off flowers to a local hospital.
  4. Teach someone something that you are good at doing.
  5. Visit a nursing home and bring board games to play.
  6. Wave at people going by.
  7. Donate outgrown clothing and toys.

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