Kirsten Bradley, Associate Director of Partnerships

Kirsten Bradley joined the Operation Warm team in 2016 with a breadth of experience in sales and marketing. We sat down with her to get her thoughts on everything Operation Warm.

How would you describe your role to a child?
“I work with companies who want to help children in their neighborhoods who are going through difficult times.”

What does #morethanacoat mean to you?
“The kids we serve often times don’t have a lot of exposure outside of their immediate neighborhoods. What I see at the events are kids realizing that there are additional people outside of their immediate school community that care about them and want to see them succeed. You can literally see the realization happen, and you can see their confidence increase from the time they come through the door. That boost in pride and self-confidence are what more than a coat means to me.”

How would you describe an Operation Warm coat giving event?
“It’s truly heartwarming. That’s probably the number one thing for me. It’s really amazing to see the corporate volunteers get so emotionally involved with the kids they are helping. They’re so excited to be giving to the kids, and they always leave the event impacted in some way. I love seeing the kids come out of their shells. They may come in kind of unsure about what’s going on and by the end, they’re bursting with smiles. It’s inspirational to see what a small gift like a coat can do to positively impact both the volunteers and kids.”

Who do you look up to most at Operation Warm?
Dick and Grace. Dick is one of the broadest thinkers I’ve ever met and I’ve learned so much from him about thinking outside the box. He is also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and has a knack for making everyone he comes into contact with feel valued. Grace is just on point with everything. She is incredibly intelligent but still takes the time to think things through before sharing an opinion or making a suggestion. That is a very rare and admirable quality. ”

What are your hopes for the future of Operation Warm?
“I want to see our line of Green Guardian coats grow. I think it’s amazing to be able to provide ALL children, particularly those that we serve, a coat that fills a basic need but also has the potential to put them on the path of becoming environmental stewards. In terms of overall growth, I would love to see us be able to serve a million children per year. That would be awesome.”

What are your interests outside of Operation Warm?
“Definitely time with my family. I’m super close to all of my family, and most of them live in the area. I also love to be outside. Whether it’s gardening, hiking, sitting on the beach, or even attending an outdoor music festival.”


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