helping children stay warm and happy all winter long

Imagine driving to work on a frigid cold December morning and seeing children, as young as 5, huddled together at a bus stop in nothing but shirts. What would you do?

19 years ago, Dick Sanford decided to act.  He experienced this sight, drove to the nearest department store, and bought their last 58 coats they had in stock. Soon after, he visited a low-income school to give the coats to overjoyed children and crying parents. That day changed his life forever.

Dick learned this wasn’t just a problem in his suburban Pennsylvania town, but a nationwide epidemic. For the richest country on earth, he was shocked to find out that over 13 million children, nearly 1 in 5 kids, live in poverty in the United States.

He knew children deserved better.  He set out ensure all children could receive a gift of happiness and warmth, just like those kids he met back in 1998.  He did this by creating Operation Warm.

Operation Warm is more than a coat drive

At Operation Warm, we believe every child deserves to feel empowered, confident and happy.  We do this by providing brand-new winter coats to children in need across the country.

We believe the gift of a new coat goes beyond a second-hand one to provide more than warmth, but a helpful boost in self-esteem, school attendance and outdoor play.

Our coats

Operation Warm works directly with manufacturers to create our own line warm, colorful, high-quality winter coats made just for kids.  Our coats have a soft fleece lining, detachable hoods and come in wide variety of colors.

Children receiving our coats have the opportunity to choose their own coat, in their favorite color, and write their name inside on the tag that reads “Made Just for You!”

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