#GivingTuesday Warm Up Our Coat Wishlist

On December 3rd, Operation Warm supporters all over the country will join together in one of the largest online giving days of the year, Giving Tuesday. It is a day to show the world that by working together, we can make the biggest impact against childhood poverty.

You can be a Hero for Warmth. Bring warmth, confidence and hope to children through brand new coats. Thanks to your Giving Tuesday donations.

“With a new coat I could play outside!”

Jenna and other children like her dream of being able to play outside in the winter. While other children can play tag at recess or build snow people, those without coats must stay inside and miss out. The gift of a brand new coat can give these kids the chance to be kids in every season.

Make Jenna’s wish come true with a $20 gift



“With a new coat I could go to college!”

Many students like Matthew have little hope of going to college, and they already believe this at a young age. Nearly 74% of children at Matthew’s school will probably never attend school past 12th grade. The gift of a new coat can impart self-confidence and the hope for a better life. This allows children to believe they can succeed.

Make Matthew’s wish come true with a $20 gift


“With a new coat, I won’t have to wear my mom’s coat, and she can stay warm, too.”

Faith and children like her often have to share a coat with siblings or a parent, and the hand-me-down coat can be ill-fitting or not made for a child. They feel guilty about having to borrow a family coat, knowing mom, dad or a brother or sister will suffer.

Make Jenna’s wish come true with a $20 gift



“With a new coat, I won’t be cold anymore. I won’t get sick.”

Principals and teachers tell us that children like Wally miss a lot of school in winter. When they get to school, they wear only a hoodie for protection from the cold. No child should have to face freezing temperatures without a warm coat. No parent or teacher should have to worry that a child will be vulnerable to illness because they lack a warm coat.

Make Wally’s wish come true with a $20 gift


Want to make a really big impact?

Support a local organization in your area. More than 600 organizations have reached out requesting brand new coats. Give a gift of warmth, confidence and hope to ten or more children.

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