Thrivent Choice: Designate Your Dollars

With Thrivent Choice®, you can choose to make your portion of Thrivent Financial's charitable outreach funds do the most good.

Why is Operation Warm the Right Choice for your Thrivent Choice Dollars?

Adrienne Beatty, of Thrivent Financial in Charlotte, NC explains:

“Thrivent Choice is a charitable grant program that gives eligible members of Thrivent Financial the ability to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes some of its charitable funds each year by choosing from a list of thousands of enrolled 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations. By directing Choice Dollars in 2015, More than 300,000 members directed more than $54 million to the charities of their choice,” Beatty says.

The Experience of Operation Warm

She continues, “The Thrivent Communities Board of the Greater Charlotte Group is having a tremendous experience with the Operation Warm organization. For the first time, we are partnering with Operation Warm to provide 750 winter coats to the students at a local Charlotte title one school, Merry Oaks Elementary. Operation Warm is a national non-profit that provides new coats to underprivileged youth.”

Since 1998, Operation Warm has provided brand new winter coats to millions of children living in poverty across America. This gift goes beyond just staying warm, but empowers a child to greater self-confidence and peer acceptance at school. When you give to our Operation Warm project, you’re giving a child more than a coat, you’re telling a child who needs to hear it most: ‘You’re worth it.’

Thrivent’s Mission and Operation Warm

“Part of the mission of the Thrivent Communities Board is to engage our current clients with service opportunities,” she says. “We invite our members to learn more about Operation Warm and to get involved. The Board chose Operation Warm because they directly serve kids, 100% of your choice dollars and/or donations go towards the coats for kids, and their client service model is outstanding. They share our values as a company and treat us as friends. We look forward to having a successful Operation Warm project this year and partnering with them in the future.”

The Three Pillars of Your Support: Your Thrivent Choice Dollars Will Work Hard

Children in Need

Operation Warm will turn those dollars into brand new winter coats for children in need, to help provide warmth, self-esteem, wellness and the opportunity for kids to stay in school.

American Made Program

Many of Operation Warm's coats are manufactured right here in the USA, through SEKRI, a nonprofit organization providing good jobs in the community and supporting the disabled population.


As a recipient of the GuideStar Platinum Award, Operation Warm has shown its commitment to transparency with $.96 of each dollar going directly to coat programs.

How to Designate Your DIRECT CHOICE DOLLARS®

Visit the Thrivent Choice Website and Click on Get Started Now. Log in using your User ID and Select Operation Warm.

Make Your Choice Known

What happens if you don't chose?

You lose your voice. Your dollars will be designated elsewhere and without your say.

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