Operation Warm Community Heroes

give BRAND NEW COATS TO KIDS IN NEED in your community

Operation Warm creates our own line of brand new, colorful winter coats.
We partner with caring individuals and organizations across North America, our Community Heroes, to give a gift of warmth, confidence and hope to children in need.

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How Operation Warm Community Heroes Works

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1. You Identify Kids in Need

Over 16 million North American children live in poverty. Using the Free/Reduced Lunch Program as a guide, you identify children who are in need of warm clothing – Title 1 elementary schools, shelters, anti-poverty programs, etc.  **www.elementaryschools.org is a great tool to help identify the need in your community.

2. Start Your Fundraiser

After you’ve identified how many children you want to serve, set a fundraising goal based on how many coats you’ll need. We’ll supply you with a variety of fundraising tools to help you reach your goal.

Learn the Five Key Features on Your Operation Warm Fundraiser 

3. Choose Your Operation Warm Coats

We create our own line of highly-rated winter coats in the latest styles and colors. Order coats directly through our website, shipping is FREE within the U.S.

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4. Give Out New Coats!

Ship coats to the kids you’re serving or gather volunteers to hold a Community Coat Celebration event. There is no feeling quite like providing a gift of warmth, confidence and hope to grateful children!



WATCH: Woodinville Rotary Club's Community Coat Celebration

"Our favorite, FAVORITE, event of the year!"
“Our children were so excited to have received brand new winter jackets. The students are used to people promising them things and not fulfilling their promises. Our students were, and still are, extremely grateful!”
-Brittany Haley, R.T. Cream Family School

Specialty Partners

Are you firefighter, service club, business or media outlet? Learn how you can get involved.

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