Coats for Kids Wish List

Today, over 90,000 children need coats across the United States

Operation Warm receives requests everyday from teachers, shelters and nonprofits serving children in need asking for Operation Warm coats. They join our Coats for Kids Wish List, in hopes someone will help provide warmth and self-confidence for their children through the gift of brand new coats.
Unfortunately, we currently lack the funding needed to grant this wish to most of these organizations, but you can help make this wish come true. Every $20 will provide a brand new coat for a child who needs it most.

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Our most urgent wish list projects

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The Neighborhood CHurch

6o Coats Needed

The Neighborhood Church serves primarily residents of public housing in Philadelphia. Their focus is to “put the love back into the community,” and help change lives. It is a small church that does not have the resources to provide all that is needed for their mission.

“We serve in one of the most impoverished communities in South Philadelphia,” says the Rev. Ken Richardson.  “We focus on helping our neighbors help each other. Thus, returning to the mindset of a NeighborHOOD.”

“A gift from you would mean our children having coats which are suitable for the brutal winter weather here in Philadelphia. Because majority of our congregation lives at the poverty level, it would mean them literally being without a winter coat if one is not given to them!!”




Travelers Aid Society -Metropolitan Detroit

1oo Coats Needed

Travelers Aid Society of Metropolitan Detroit has been supporting families since 1923. They help Detroit-area homeless and displaced families get back on their feet and become self-sufficient.

“One little boy brought tears to my eyes. He asked for a coat that he would not be ashamed to wear to school,” says Roslyn Baughman, CEO of the organization. “Someone had given him a coat, but it was an ‘old-man’s coat,’ and it smelled like cigarettes. He has asthma, but he has to wear this coat to school because he had nothing else to wear.”

“None of these kids have ever had new clothes,” she says. “To give them new coats would just be unbelievable. Right now, they can’t go outside and play with their friends. It would make a major difference in their lives.”

Families from Traveler's Aid Society who need coats


hurricane florence relief – n. carolina

126 Coats Needed

Life after Hurricane Florence will never be the same for many in Wilmington, North Carolina. While the flood waters may have finally receded, they left behind homeless and displaced families who are left with nothing.

They had to use their own personal clothing to stop the flood waters,” says Dionne Sturdivant, Principal of the Rachel Freeman School of Engineering, where students are part of a community with a 95% poverty rate.

They don’t have any funds to buy their children coats,” says Kim Francum, social worker. “It has dropped down to the 20s and 30s when they come in to school in the morning.”

Students at Rachel Freeman Elementary in Wilmington NC in need of coats


camp fire relief – california

Goal Reached!

Operation Warm is teaming up with Delivering Good to send brand new coats to kids impacted by the California wildfires. The Delivering Good team is actively working with community partners on the ground to address the needs of children and families impacted by the wildfires that have been ravaging California over the past several weeks. There is a tremendous need for children’s coats!

Thanks to you, 400 children impacted by the California wild fires are now receiving warm, brand new coats! 

smiling kids in coats

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jaden’s voice – philadelphia, pa

Goal Reached!

Jaden’s Voice serves individuals and families in the autism community who are underserved, underprivileged, and lacking in resources to have a better quality of life.

Thank you for supporting Jaden’s Voice and fulfilling this wish for warm, brand new coats for the kids they serve! 

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