A Warm Welcome to the Library FAQs for Sponsors

Below you’ll find the most frequently asked questions from sponsors regarding our A Warm Welcome to the Library program.


  • What are the goals of this program?

    Recent studies from the Pew Charitable Trust and The Aspen Institute identified three critical issues for 21st century libraries:

    Issue #1: Libraries are important to low-income families, but currently underutilized.

    Issue # 2: Libraries are seeking ways of becoming more integrated into their communities, and are particularly focused on developing innovative programming to assist those in greatest need.

    Issue #3: Libraries can serve as the “community’s living room,” providing safe havens and literacy resources for those most in need.

    A Warm Welcome to the Library addresses these issues head on, providing an opportunity to introduce kids and families living in need to all that your community library branch offers beyond books.

  • What is the cost of the program?

    Funding to cover the cost of coats and administrative fees comes from grantors, foundations, corporate sponsors, service projects, or other funds raised in partnership with Operation Warm. Often funding is a combination of both public and private donations. The typical donation required for an Operation Warm Library Program event is $5,500.

  • How can sponsors volunteer?

    Although not required, volunteering is highly encouraged! Approximately 10 volunteers typically staff a library event.  Your Investment in a library program is an opportunity to build camaraderie and make a positive impact  in your local community!

  • How is the program evaluated?

    Operation Warm will work with individual funders to determine program evaluation metrics, which are essential in cases of grant funding. By bringing families to the library and familiarizing them with the services offered, the following three objectives represent the most typical areas of evaluation:

    1. Support Strong Family Development: All families are assured access to quality services and all members of the family are nurtured, encouraged and secure.
    2. Develop Healthy and Thriving Children and Youth: Children and youth are connected to community resources that help them thrive physically, socially and mentally. The concept of the library as the “community’s living room” is explored.
    3. Literacy Culture and Climate: Library orientation exposes children and families to resources such as early literacy programming, summer learning loss prevention, and national Campaign for Grade Level Reading tools. This allow parents and children to experience the life-changing impact of literacy.
  • How are event logistics managed?

    Sponsors will work directly with the Partner Support Team here at Operation Warm to help organize your event:

    1. Library Outreach– Operation Warm will work with sponsors on initial outreach prospecting for the library in your community to establish an event plan.
    1. Start planning – Work with your library partner to select your date and identify the children living in need that you would like to serve. Operation Warm staff will assist with the coat order process, so that your event is a success.
    2. Be rewarded – This event will not only assist the families and children in your community, but will be a joyful experience for staff and volunteers alike!