A revolutionary initiative by Operation Warm and The Philadelphia Eagles

Championing Equality, One Sports Bra at a Time

In a quest by our founding partner, The Philadelphia Eagles, to push football's boundaries, a sobering truth emerged - the lack of an essential piece of equipment is sidelining young girls from the game. The missing equipment is a sports bra. The revelation laid the foundation for a partnership between the Philadelphia Eagles and Operation Warm.

We're reshaping the narrative, dismantling disparities, and ensuring that girls from diverse backgrounds step onto the field equipped, at ease, and brimming with confidence. FLY:FWD symbolizes our commitment to making a difference in the lives of young athletes, setting them on a path of empowerment and wellness.

Together, we can uplift the next generation of strong, confident women who will confidently FLY:FWD toward their dreams.


A Catalyst For Confidence

For young athletes, a sports bra transcends apparel – it's a tool that ignites the confidence needed to fully embrace sports. When girls feel comfortable and supported on the field, their participation flourishes. The FLY:FWD sports bras serve as a bridge, empowering girls to overcome obstacles and excel in sports with unwavering confidence.


Join The Movement For Empowered Athletes


  • Collaborate for Impact:  For sports teams, corporate sponsors, and funders who share our vision, we welcome your partnership. Together, we can amplify our efforts and create lasting change in the lives of young athletes.

  • Invest in Empowerment:  Your contribution can directly impact young athletes. By supporting the FLY:FWD Sports Bra initiative, you are helping girls access the transformational power of sports.

  • Get In The Game:  If you are part of an educational institution or sports club, apply to receive FLY:FWD sports bras and be a catalyst in shaping the future of young girls' lives.