Why the Operation Warm Employee Volunteer Experience is Remarkable


“Volunteering with Operation Warm is a Winner,” says Julie D’Esposito, National Volunteer and Event Manager at Operation Warm. Here are four reasons why the Operation Warm employee volunteer program is remarkable.

Uplifting and Inspiring Events

“Operation Warm coat giving events are truly heartwarming,” says Kirsten Bradley, Associate Director of Partnerships at Operation Warm. “It’s really amazing to see the corporate volunteers get so emotionally involved with the kids they are helping. They’re so excited to be giving to the kids, and that always leave the event impacted in some way. It’s inspirational to see what a small gift like a coat can do to positively impact both the volunteers and kids.”

Low Effort and High Impact

Operation Warm’s motto is “more than a coat.” Our coat giving events are catalysts for positive change in communities across the nation.

“For me, more than a coat is about the collaboration, coalition building, and really looking holistically at kids in crisis,” says Allison Price, Operation Warm’s Associate Director of Development & Strategic Initiatives. “A coat is a small part of that, but that’s the part we can provide. In the back of my mind, I’m always thinking that the word “coat” should stand for Coalition Of Action and Talent. We recognize that what we do is a team effort. It’s really about a group of people coming together to effect change and utilizing a particular skillset to accomplish great things.”

Our employee volunteers are a major part of this picture. Check out a list of our current partners.

A Unique Opportunity to Help Children Directly

At an Operation Warm coat giving event, employee volunteers get to work with children directly. Employee volunteers are there every step of the way making sure each child has a great experience getting their brand new coat. Coat giving events make an immediate difference in the lives of children in their community.

Local Event, National Impact

“Operation Warm is a national nonprofit with local impact,” Julie says. “Our volunteers get to give back to those in their own or nearby communities. At the same time, they know they are helping a strong national organization reach more children in need all over the country.”

This year, Operation Warm will celebrate its 20th anniversary and provide its 3 millionth coat.



Interested in aligning your organization with Operation Warm’s mission to provide warmth, confidence and hope to children in need?  Learn more about our corporate partnership opportunities.


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