Why Does Operation Warm Manufacture Our Own Coats?


Why do we offer kids in need brand new coats? Operation Warm believes that every child, regardless of circumstance, deserves their own brand new coat. While other organizations collect used coats, Operation Warm works with manufacturers to create our own line of carefully crafted winter coats.

Operation Warm makes sure that every coat we manufacture is created with the best materials available, ensuring that every coat we give to a child provides enough warmth, confidence and hope to last a lifetime.

Liz Lewis, Director of Operations at Operation Warm, talks about the importance of manufacturing our own coats. “They’re good quality coats that we care about because we care about who the coats are going on.”


By making our own coats, we control the quality and ensure these brand new winter coats become a daily source of pride and joy for children, who rarely feel the emotion associated with receiving a gift that was made just for them.

“These are classic, proven styles that keep kids warm,” Lewis explained. “Our coats are practical. They were made for kids who want to stay warm and not and not feel like they are wearing a uniform, because they are stylish and colorful.”


Inside each coat is a permanent label that says, “Made Just for You!” There is a spot for each child to write their name into the coat. This pride of ownership is often a new feeling for children in need and can make them feel special.

“Donated coats are great and they are certainly important,” Lewis said. “A coat is a coat for these kids. But to get something brand new is special. We can honestly tell our kids we designed these coats just for them.”


Our coats are designed for maximum warmth and durability, with details and styling that are “kid friendly.” They have deep pockets, warm hoods and are colorful. We update our colors and styles each year to keep up with changing trends and to ensure our brand new coats are fashionable.

“The fact that we can pre-design our own coats in a ton of colors and sizes is the main reason we do it. We get good quality and quantity and variety. We work all year round on our coats and a crucial piece is that fundraise long before it gets cold. Because we order our coats so early, we have the option to determine different styles and colors,” Lewis said.

Shopping Experience

Operation Warm knows that every child is unique. That is why we create coats in 18 different style and color combinations for each gender.  A child isn’t simply given an Operation Warm coat, they get to pick the coat and color they like best, just like they are shopping!

Lewis explained, “We constantly take feedback. Our coats are always catered to what the kids like and what the parents like. We want to have a lot of options for them to choose from.”


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