Why Do We Give: Personal Stories That Are Told Through Charity


It is fun to ask someone, “Why do we give?” The face lights up at first, and then the eyes drift off a bit in concentration, before returning back with the perfect answer. And yes, there is the perfect answer, both simple and complicated at the same time.

Why Do We Give: What the Experts Say

There are many general reasons that answer the question of why do we give. Some give to make a difference; others feel a sense of satisfaction or value by giving. You can give because you believe in a cause or just because it makes you feel good. Giving is a great way to honor a loved one or set an example for a child.

Some say giving is a spiritual gift in itself, while others say it is all part of biology and psychology. By the way, the Unified Theory of Psychology says that we give–both because we care for others and because we care for ourselves. In other words, we recognize need and feel compelled to help, but we are built to recognize that taking care of the human race is beneficial to us as individuals, too.

Giving is Personal

The above is all well and good for theories about why people are charitable, but these clinical definitions may be missing something important. There are some personal stories that can only be told through giving. Being charitable gives us a chance to tell that story. A gift to someone in need can also tell the giver’s individual story and send it though geography and generations, ever alive for as long as the gift continues to have impact.

The Man Whose Life Was Changed is Now Changing Others

Some of our favorite stories are the ones from donors who were helped when they were children and are now helping others. One particular gentleman stands out. He was helped years ago, and felt the gift had changed his attitude about life. Now he donates each year to make sure another child gets the same chance he did. We picture those children growing up and the positive impact each of them will have on the world. The gift keeps giving.

Why Do We Give Personal Stories

These are just a few of the personal stories we received this week. We hope they both answer the question and offer inspiration.

Paula tells us, “My recently deceased dear father grew up as a kid that at times did not have a coat or adequate coat in the winter. He grew up in a home with much adversity and did not have many of his basic needs met. I give to Operation Warm, because I understand this hardship and how not having a coat makes a child feel on so many levels. It also honors my generous father who was always there to help people.”

Rachel says, “There was a point in my life when I would have been a kid on the receiving end of this fundraiser. Fundraisers like this are so crucial, thank you for hosting it.”

Tanya wants us to know, “Every child deserves to be cared for…with food, clothing, education, love …and a warm coat.”

The Perfect Answer

The perfect answer to “Why do we give” is one that is personal and perfect for that individual. But, wrapped within is the other side of the answer, “Because we can.”

More reasons and personal stories are available in the video below.


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