Not a Coat Drive: What Makes an Operation Warm Coat So Special?


OperatioN Warm Coats

We admit it. We think Operation Warm Coats are much better than the typical jacket a child might get at a coat drive. Yes, Operation Warm coats are special. Here is why.

Operation Warm Coats are special

For children in need, not just any old coat will do. Operation Warm coats are carefully constructed to make sure that children who are homeless or living in poverty have a quality garment that will stand up to the harsh conditions that many of these children must endure in their young lives. Reinforced seams and sturdy zippers are a must.

Operation Warm Blue Coat

Warmth is a high priority. Children living in need often don’t have the luxury of extra clothing for layers or a warm car that takes them to school or to the bus stop. Padded fill, a lush fleece lining, and a generous hood ensures that a child without the benefit of a sweater or hat will still be able to maintain body temperature in cold conditions.

Boys Coats

Colors and styles are carefully chosen and updated each year. An Operation Warm coat delivers more than just physical warmth. Self esteem is a large part of the gift that you give when you donate. Owning a new coat in a bright color and a current style not only cheers a child, but allows him to be accepted by his peers. The confidence this brings to a child is immeasurable.

American Made coats

Beginning three years ago, we initiated our Made in America program. Now, 20% of our coats are Made in the USA with all American-made materials. Ours are the only affordable warm winter coats for children that are Made in America. So now, not only are we serving children in need, we are supporting American jobs and the American economy.

Girls Operation Warm Coats

Sizing of sleeve and coat length is another benefit to having Operation Warm coats manufactured specifically for our kids. The coats are custom fitted to the measurements that fit most American children in need, and adjustments can be made each year, if needed. This ensures that the coats will fit perfectly and have enough room to last throughout the entire winter season. We just wouldn’t get the same exactness of fit with used coats.

Operation Warm Coats are made just for you

Our partners and donors make it possible to tell a child that someone cares. Each coat is made brand new for for the child who recieves it. No one has ever owned it before. Operation Warm reinforces that message by including a fun label that includes a space where children can write their names and claim their coat as theirs alone. For some children, this will be the first piece of brand new clothing they have ever gotten.

Boxes of coats

Thanks to generous sponsors, partners and supporters like you, Operation Warm delivered it’s 2 millionth coat! Of course, with 16 million children living in poverty in the US, there is still so much need. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, but you are making a real difference in the lives of kids who receive your gift of warmth. Everyone benefits: parents, caregivers, teachers and the community.

You helped a child in need

Of course, the best way to see how special an Operation Warm brand new winter coat can be is to see the face of a child who owns one. The kids have such an amazing appreciation for your donation, and it shows in every smile we see. We invite you to see for yourself. Through the next few weeks, we will be bringing you more stories and photos of the kids and the impact you are making. You’ll get to see the pictures they have drawn and the notes they have written to thank you. Bookmark our blog and visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, so you don’t miss a thing.

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