What is an Operation Warm Community Coat Program?


An Operation Warm Community Coat Program is a unique and easy way to bring warm, happiness and joy to children and communities around the country. Our 200 partners, who are part of this program, give out 100,000 new coats in their communities every year. These partners fundraise over a million and a half dollars a year to provide these brand new coats for kids. We take this very seriously, and we always strive to make fundraising and coat giving events as simple and as easy as possible.

Partnership Options

Operation Warm gets its funding from three major areas: individual donors, grants and partnerships. There are three types of partnerships to meet the specific needs for each partner’s goal.

  1. Corporate or Cause Marketing
  2. Firefighters
  3. Community Programs

Of course, if a partner has a specific need for an individually customized program we can assist them.

Community Programs are a cornucopia of different organizations and businesses that fundraise on our behalf: schools, Rotary and Kiwanis clubs, Elks Lodges, government institutions, restaurants, other non-profits…you name it! It’s a hodgepodge of locally driven support to help kids in their communities.

Operation Warm designed this D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) coats for kids program so that anyone can do a project with relative ease.

We broke down the process for hosting a coats for kids event into 5 steps:
  • Find the people you want to help and see how many coats they need.
  • Set your fundraising goal based on the number of kids you want to help.
  • Advertise your fundraiser using our marketing materials available for download on our website, like posters, brochures, email templates and fundraising letters.
  • When your fundraising is complete, order the coats in the sizes and genders that you need on our website.
  • Last, and most importantly, you have to give out the coats. A coat giving event is a big party for the children to remind them that the community loves and supports them. These events take a little extra planning and a few volunteers, but the reward is truly memorable.

When you write a kid’s name in a coat and put it on them for the first time, watching their face light up is incredibly memorable. It’s what makes our organization different from others and ties into our slogan of “more than a coat.”

If you participate in a race to raise money for medical research, for example, you don’t get to deliver the medicine to the patients. With Operation Warm, volunteers can see the tangible impact on the lives of the children they just improved.

We’re about more than just putting clothing on people. We give volunteers a memorable day to see the smiles on kids’ faces and the direct impact of their donations in-person. We bring happiness and warmth, and we make a tangible difference to those in need; and we’re elevating people above their poverty status to a new place: somewhere better.

If you’d like to provide brand new coats to kids in your community, or just fundraise to support Operation Warm as a whole, contact communityprograms@operationwarm.org or click here to learn more.

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