Want an Impressive Holiday Gift? Choose a Charity


Loved one or business partner, a charity gift made in someone’s name stands out. If they are on the nice list, they will be impressed with your style, your creativity and your generosity. Naughty list? Your community scrooge may just get a wake up call. Either way, a worthy charity of choice will be able to make more of a difference in the world, and you will have gotten the chance to give a two-for-one gift.

How Do You Know Someone Would Like a Charity Gift?

We think a charitable gift made in someone’s name is perfect for most anyone on your list, but there are a few ways to tell when someone will really love your present:

  • They are always lending a hand to others
  • They complain about too much clutter
  • They are socially active or have a strong sense of justice
  • They would love a family gift that all could enjoy
  • They are hard to buy for because they have their own style or have everything they need
  • They have a strong passion or interest
  • They have asked for donations in the past

Corporate Giving

Charity gifts are well-suited for corporate giving. Meaningful, impactful and impressive, adding a charity component to corporate giving immediately makes your business stand out and the gift more memorable. It identifies your business as one that is community driven and value-focused.

How Do You Find the Right Charity Gift?

The best gifts come from someone who really knows who you are and what you like. Start there. Find a charity that matches up with your person’s interests or passions. Chances are, there is the perfect charity out there to support in their name. Check a charity rating website such as Guidestar to help you choose.

Turn the Charity Gift into an Experience

Create an experience around your gift. Many charities will do this for you when you designate a gift, through cards, email and video that shows the recipient just where the gift will go and how it will be used. You can enhance this experience by including your own personal story of why you choose this gift for them.

Include a Momento of the Gift

Adding a little token gift makes your gift of charity even nice. You might choose a holiday ornament, card or book that ties into the organization and can serve as a reminder of the good that is being done in your person’s name.

Have you ever received a charitable gift for the holidays or a birthday? Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter @OperationWarm.





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