Tufts Students Hold Second Annual Music Fundraiser for Operation Warm

In December 2016, Matt Estabrook, Aidan Scrimgeour and Jackson Fulk-Logon performed a Charlie Brown Christmas concert and fundraiser for Operation Warm at Distler Performance Hall in Medford, MA.

Estabrook grew up in Maine and understood what a Maine winter felt like. After seeing children not dressed appropriately for the freezing winters at a young age, Estabrook started helping the cause.

“I remember growing up and seeing kids wearing the same coat when they were very small all the way up to the time they were in high school,” Estabrook says. “I began participating in coat drives when I was a kid and wanted to continue to help kids stay warm.”

Estabrook, Scrimgeour and Fulk-Logon have all been involved with a dual program between Tufts and New England Conservatory of Music. The three Tufts students were playing their instruments one night when the idea sparked – why not use our talents and passion to help those in need?

Their love for performing and their want to help those less fortunate brought their Charlie Brown Christmas concert and fundraiser to fruition. With Estabrook on the saxophone, Scrimgeour on the piano and Fulk-Logon on drums, they had the means necessary to provide a great performance.

“It’s [fundraising] what I like to do with performances, especially during the winter season, the spirit of giving,” Estabrook says. “My friends get just as much credit. We figured this would work very nicely with the surrounding community – a recognizable album, community spirit, centered around children and giving to children in need.”

According to Estabrook, the Charlie Brown Christmas album is 35 minutes long, which made it the perfect length for young children to attend and students taking a short break from studying for finals.

After the group decided on the fundraiser, they were tasked with choosing a charity. With Estabrook’s coat giving background, he did a Google search for coats for kids charities and stumbled across Operation Warm. Since Operation Warm’s coat giving program can easily be localized, he knew it was a cause the surrounding community could get behind.

After marketing the event through Facebook and the university’s connections, the concert was able to raise more than $250 for students in the Boston public school system, surpassing their expectations.

“Tufts sponsored our event – they let us use the space for free, market it for free, they had people from the music department staff the event…” Estabrook says. “We were very pleased and pleasantly surprised at the turnout.”

Building on last year’s event, the trio has decided to hold the second annual Charlie Brown Christmas concert and fundraiser for Operation Warm on Monday, December 11, 2017 at 7:30pm in Distler Performance Hall at Tufts University. The performance hall is located in the Granoff Music Center building, located at 20 Talbot Ave in Medford, MA.

“I think we’ll be happy as long as we have a decent turnout and raise a similar amount of funds,” Estabrook says. “It’s hard to put into words, the warmth you feel when you’ve helped people out through a community event – bringing people together for art and music, that’s such a magical thing.”

To learn more about the event, visit https://cacheinmedford.org/event/a-charlie-brown-christmas-the-music-of-vince-guaraldi-copy/.

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