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Celebrate your big day by inspiring others to make a difference when you have a party for a cause. You’ll have fun, bond with your friends and prove that your village has what it takes to change the world.

Birthday Party Trends

An ongoing birthday trend is to not only have a birth-day but more of a birth-week. A friend of mine declares the entire month of August for her celebration. The extended birthday is a great way to remind us all to celebrate who we are and to actively keep the fun going in our lives.

Turning this extended celebration idea outward just makes sense. Perhaps that is why having a party for a cause is a popular trend among everyone from millennials to moms. People are discovering that it feels good to do good, and raising money for a favorite cause is the perfect way to honor the guest of honor.

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What is a Party for a Cause?

When you party for a cause, guests will contribute to a fund on behalf of your favorite charity. Of course, we hope you will choose Operation Warm. In fact, we love the idea of the party for a cause trend so much, we will even custom make a fundraising page for your birthday or milestone.

Whatever charity or cause you choose will be extremely grateful to receive donations raised through your birthday celebration.


Tips for the Trend

Let friends know its’s a birthday fundraiser: A fun email invitation should include the reason you are supporting the cause, clearly communicate that no other gifts are needed, and a link to your personalized donation page.

Tie it into a theme: To make your party for a cause more memorable, tie your cause into a theme.Most charities will allow you to use their logo or photos, if you ask. If your party were benefitting Operation Warm, not only would we say yes, but would be happy to make you some customized images with your name and date!

Hosting for someone else: A party for a cause is a great idea for a child’s birthday. It helps them recognize that a birthday is a celebration of life and the important reasons he or she is in the world. Present two or three charities, but let the birthday girl or boy pick which one to support and ask guests to bring a donation in lieu of a gift.

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