Top Reasons Why Local Businesses Would Love to Sponsor Your Fundraising Event


“Fundraising events are a powerful way to grow your community, engage with donors, and give supporters a positive experience with your organization,” according to Network for Good.

Teaming up with sponsors for your fundraising event will help offset event costs for you, and deliver multiple benefits to any business that gets involved. When you approach a potential sponsor, offer them solid motivation to get involved.  Emphasize the following reasons why local businesses would love to sponsor your fundraising event.

Sponsorship Gets a Business Noticed

A business will get noticed as a positive force in the community when it sponsors a fundraising event. The business can be featured on your website, social media and all promotion of the event. They will love it even more if you give them a chance to make a short speech, include an item in each goodie bag that is given out at an event or offer food or beverage samples.

The money spent by sponsoring a good cause may give a business a better return on investment compared to traditional advertising because sponsorship gives businesses direct access to their potential customers while creating that social good image.

It Can Keep Their Employees Happy

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Studies show that today’s employees are looking for an opportunity to make a positive contribution to social issues. Providing the venue for employees to volunteer their time to a good cause can keep them happy, engaged and productive.

Offer volunteer spots with clearly defined roles at your event that a sponsoring business can offer to their employees.

It Brings in New Business

“Not only are the attendees of the event potential new clients and customers, so are your fellow sponsors and vendors!” writes marketing expert Christina Rowe on LinkedIn.

Businesses that spend a lot of time looking for qualified customers will appreciate the chance to meet, network and develop face-to-face connections with people in the community.

In fact, 61% of people would be willing to try a new brand, or one they’ve never heard of, because of its association with a cause.

Younger customers especially want to support businesses that support causes.

Sponsors of Fundraising Events Gain a Positive Image

People are motivated to check out a business that does good things in its community. Positive customer perception is extremely valuable. People want to support businesses that are reliable and reputable, two perceptions that should come across when a business sponsors your fundraising event.

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