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During the months of October, November and December, Hollister Co. provided nearly 3,000 winter coats to children in need in 6 cities across the country with the help of Operation Warm, a national nonprofit dedicated to providing brand new winter coats to children in need. Those cities included New York City, Seattle, Washington D.C., Denver, Columbus and Boston. After each event, we caught up with Hollister employee volunteers and asked them to share their experience. Here’s what we learned…

Top 10 Quotes from Hollister Co. Employee Volunteers

  1. “Most of the children I was paired with were English learning students, and one girl, named Eva, was so overwhelmingly excited to be receiving a new coat. Even though my Spanish was not perfect, she made it very clear how thankful she was. After her name was written in it, she asked “es realmente mio para simper?”, to which I replied “yes, It really is.” She began crying, and it took help from her teacher to calm her down, and then help from my friend to calm me down. To see that a 9 year old child knows the importance of something like a coat, for her to understand the poverty her and other children in her city live in, absolutely broke my heart.”  – Abigail R., DC event
  2. “One of the little girl’s I met, Halo, thanked me for her jacket and gave me a hug before she went back to class. I wasn’t expecting it at all but it made me extremely happy because she was so sweet and grateful for what she had gotten!” – Treyana, DC event
  3. “The entire event was a unique and humbling experience…extremely fortunate to be placed in a position where opportunities are presented to myself and our employees to give back to communities.” – Colin M. DC event
  4. “The children were so grateful for their coats and they even continued to hang out with the volunteers after the initial coat was given. All of the kids were so happy and you could see it on their faces.” – Jackson W., DC event
  5. “My favorite part about the event was the look on the children’s faces when they saw how many coats there were. It warmed my heart when the kids asked if they got to keep the coats and we said yes!” – Nicole M., DC event
  6. “One little girl came through the line and saw a pink coat and said it was her dream coat. She was so happy she cried.” – Christin L., NYC event
  7. “I enjoyed seeing the kids come in nervous and shy and walk out with their coat with a huge smile!” – Lindsay, NYC event
  8. “It broke my heart to hear that some of the kids would be sleeping in the coats we gave out. I am so thankful I was a part of giving the coats to kids who really, truly needed them. All of the kids were so happy and so well behaved and their teachers were amazing! Thank you for this amazing experience.” – Jessica H., Seattle event
  9.  “It’s an amazing impact that we get to have on these children. They are so grateful for our time. I spent so much time trying to get to know them and make them feel special, that I forgot that they were getting to know me too. When I was leaving after the event, some of the kids were out in the hallway and one girl called out and thanked me by name! It caught me off guard and warmed my heart that she truly would remember who I was”. – Chelsea K., Seattle event
  10.  “Every child I helped touched my heart, they were very polite and grateful. One child in particular stood out, because I asked him if he wanted candy and he said no thank you, he just wanted a bottle of water. So I found an extra Operation Warm empty bottle and filled it with water and he was so thrilled to have that bottle of water. Sometimes it’s the simple necessities that they want.” – Sophia G., Seattle event

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