Three Things to Know About Brand New Coats


At Operation Warm, we believe that every child deserves a brand new winter coat that they can call their own. We work with manufacturers in the USA and across the world to create our own line of wonderfully warm winter coats. Giving a child in need a brand new coat is much more impactful than someone might believe. Here are three things that you can give a child by gifting a brand new coat.

Brand New Coats Bring Children Self-Confidence

When a child is given a brand new coat, they gain more self-assurance. Many children living below the poverty line have never felt the joy of receiving something brand new. For the most part, their coats are hand me downs or supplied through a coat drive. Although children may feel relieved to finally have a coat, hand me downs can be disheartening.

Walking through the halls of school, sitting on the bus, or playing at the playground all become different experiences when a child has a new coat on. says, “When you wear something that makes you feel great, the effects may be subtle — the way you tilt your head, your facial expressions and your body language — but they matter. It sends a message that you care about yourself. When we look good, we feel good — and vice versa.”

Brand New Coats Encourage Individuality

Every child wants something that they can call his or her own. When you give a child a brand new coat, you’re giving them just that. Each Operation Warm coat is specially sized to each child who receives one. Inside every coat is a label that reads “Made Just for You!” These labels also give children the chance to write his or her name on the label, solidifying that the coat is his or her own.

Not only is the coat manufactured to fit each child perfectly, the children get to pick which colors they want. This means that a child can own a coat that not only keeps them warm, but is also his or her favorite color.

Brand New Coats Bring Maximum Warmth and Durability

When you wear a coat over and over again it eventually loses its ability to keep you warm. So when the winter weather flows in you decide to go buy yourself a new coat. Instead of throwing the old one away, you decide to donate it, thinking that someone in need will get use out of it. However, at this point, the coat may be so worn down that there’s no warmth left inside.

When you give someone a brand new coat for the winter, you’re giving them maximum warmth for a long time. New coats have never been worn before, so these coats are guaranteed to last longer than coats that have been used. Operation Warm makes sure that every coat we manufacture is created with the best materials available. Ensuring that every coat we give to a child provides enough hope, happiness and warmth to last a lifetime.

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