These Cards Are for You



Our kids are thankful, and it shows. 

If you want to know if your donations make an impact, you don’t have to take our word for it. The offices at Operation Warm are flooded with cards, letters and drawings from the thankful children who are inspired to tell you just how much their brand new coats mean to them. You might agree with us when we say the gift of a brand new winter coat is More Than a Coat because of all of the positive ways it impacts a child’s life.

You will certainly agree with us when we say that these Thank You cards are meant for you: the donors, partners and supporters who take the time and the responsibility to give a child in need a gift of warmth. That not only warms their bodies, but their hearts as well. You can see in the notes that these children write, the poems they compose for you, and the pictures they draw just how much these coats have warmed them not only on the outside, but more importantly on the inside.

The children write about feeling like superheroes; like they could float up to the sky, like they have tough muscles, like they can be on television. They talk about all of the things they plan on doing in their new coats: build a snowman, play on the play ground, go to a friend’s house. The kids write about how much they love the way their brand new coat looks – that it is clean and bright and in their favorite color. One child wrote that she hopes that when she grows up she could have the job of giving coats to kids who need them. Another drew some money on his card; he hoped his illustrated currency could be used to get another coat for another child. One little boy even praised the fact that their coat didn’t have any holes.

Many of the children drew photos of themselves wearing their coats in bed. At first, you might think this is because they love them so much and don’t want to take them off. While this is probably true, the letters written by some of the older children can reveal a more heart-rendering truth; that oftentimes these children don’t even have a warm place to sleep at night.

It’s quite amazing how much of a difference can be made when you take your spare $20 and turn it into something a child absolutely needs. Your contribution stays with the child long past the time they outgrow the coat. Somewhere out there a child with a new warm coat will run around with the knowledge that someone cares.  Even now, these children express their thanks through little poems, exclamations of big plans for the future, and play money drawn carefully on the back of a colorful Thank You note. Imagine how it will inspire them to express their thanks as adults, when they too are giving back to children in need.

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