Their Faces Lit Up with Joy


For or the children who are blessed enough to get a brand new Operation Warm coat this season, you are the one telling them they are worth it.

Thoughts from a School Principal

As Jane Hsu, the principal of The Mary Lindley Murray School, P.S. 116 in New York City told us and the donors who provided 120 brand new colorful coats to her students, “Their faces lit up with joy” and “You have touched my students’ lives at the very time they needed to be seen and loved.” As for principal Hsu, her own heart is filled with gratitude.

The joy and the appreciation of kids, teachers and administrators are obvious to any of us who have been able to attend an Operation Warm coat-giving event. We wish all of our donors and supporters could get a chance to see those emotions first-hand.

Our Gift to You

In 2017, and continuing into 2018, we have been working hard to bring you videos, photos and stories of the impact that you have to these children, families, schools and communities. We encourage you to make frequent trips to our blog, our Facebook page (click “show first” so you don’t miss anything) and our Twitter feed. We also send out our thank you and impact stories in a monthly newsletter. You can send a note to or contact us through any of our social media channels, if you want to start receiving our impact stories through email once a month.

Principal Hsu gave us permission to share her inspiring letter. It arrived with lovely cards and letters from the children. They were as colorful as our coats.  We think Principal Hsu’s letter is a great example of the impact any of our donors and supporters make on schools across the country, and the appreciation expressed by teachers and administrators everywhere.

An Inspirational Letter

Dear Mr. and Mrs. M,

When I received word from Operation Warm that we would be receiving a shipment of 120 new coats for our students this week, my heart filled with gratitude. What an unexpected gift to receive just before our school celebrates the holidays.

To say that the children of P.S. 116 who received a new coat yesterday were appreciative would be an understatement. Their faces lit up with joy when they heard the news they would be gifted a brand-new winter coat. And, as they picked out their very own coats, they were giddy with excitement.

Many students immediately choose to wear their new winter coat outside for recess. And, a few even kept their coats on for the rest of the day, (and again, today), because they felt so very special.

On behalf of our students and their families, I thank you for this generous gift. You have touched my students’ lives at the very time they needed to feel seen and loved.

With great appreciation,

Jane Hsu



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