The Saturday Club Kids Adopt Operation Warm for Their Kindness Project


This time of year, the old adage about the apple not falling far from the tree seems appropriate. If you are a kid watching your mom do good in the world, well, you might just want to do good, too. Here is how an old established organization made room for the next generation of philanthropists, all while helping to give brand new coats to kids in need.

The Saturday Club Has Been Helping Families Since the 19th Century

donate to operation warmThe Saturday Club is one of the oldest women’s organizations in the country,” says Angela Sipe, VP Community Outreach & Philanthropy of The Saturday Club. The organization has made its mission to serve women, children and families in the community through service projects, and that mission has been going strong since the 19th century.

“We have a clubhouse that we’ve had since the early 1900s!” Sipe says.

“Our club year goes from September through May, and we usually have two service projects per month. We also have events where we raise funds, and the majority of the funds we raise go to grants for other charities.”

Getting the Kids Involved in a Kindness Program

Sipe says that her own kids’ curiosity about what she does, and the fact that many of the members would like their children to become involved with good work inspired The Saturday Club to create a separate kids club last year.

“So, we really wanted the kids to have a feel of what their moms are doing. Once we started the kids’ club every time we drive by the building or I mention it, they know what I am taking about,” she says. “It is a good feeling.”

“The Saturday Club Kids is special because we help other people and we get to do fun things there,” says six-year-old Harper. “We take time to do events for people who don’t have things they need.”

“Our whole mission is kindness and to give back to the community just like the regular The Saturday Club does. But, for the kids, we have kindness jars. The kids are handed a jar the first meeting of the year, and we ask them to do acts of kindness throughout the year.” Parents provide money or kindness coins for each act of kindness a child performs. The children also put on fundraising events and work hard to raise additional donations.

Fundraising to Help Other Kids

operation warm coats for kids“This year, we did the Radnor Fall Festival, which is right near our club house,” Sipe says. “The table we had this year was hosted by our kids’ club and we offered lemonade and baked goods made by our members for a donation—and the donation was completely up to the people receiving the lemonade. They could do a quarter, they could do a dollar, they could do five dollars, whatever they wanted. We raised over $300, and it is all going to go to Operation Warm, and will be added to all of the kindness coins.”

“We have a lot of little kids, preschoolers, and we have some older kids as well. Operation Warm is an easy mission to understand. So, they get it. When you’re cold you need a coat, and if you don’t have a coat you’ll be cold,” Sipe says. “And I think your founder, his story is amazing. Operation Warm started because he saw kids huddled at the bus stop without warm coats. That is something they can really understand. So, it is really easy to translate that to the kids and they’re excited. We easily raised enough for 15 coats in a few hours, just by giving away lemonade.”

What the Kids Have to Say About Helping Others

“Operation Warm means helping other children.  It was fun, and I felt proud helping other kids get the coats they need for winter,” Harper says.

“It was fun selling the lemonade and treats to help Operation Warm get money for the kids’ coats, says five-year-old Scarlett. “I’d feel really sad if I didn’t have a coat for winter because I would be so cold.”

“We think that Operation Warm fits well with what we do, helping kids, helping the community and helping families Sipe says. “So, we align very well.”

Interested in providing brand new coats for kids in your community? We would love for you to join us as an Operation Warm Community Partner!

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