The Importance of Fostering Positive Relationships in the Workplace and How to Do It


Where is purpose derived from in the workplace? According to Imperative, purpose comes from the relationships we form, the impact we have, and the personal growth we experience. This is the first entry in Operation Warm’s three-part series on finding purpose in the workplace through Relationships, Impact, and Growth (RIG). Today, we’ll focus on relationships. See part two on impact here and part three on growth here.

We are social creatures by nature. We need interaction with others like we need water. We spend a lot of time at work. In fact, the average person spends over 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime. How do positive working relationships impact us? Check out these six ways:

Relationships: We experience purpose as part of a community.


When we like the people we work with, we work better together. Forming positive relationships with coworkers enhances the overall culture of a company.


Forming positive work relationships is good for our health and well-being. Forming positive work relationships can bring great conversation and laughter. This makes work more fun!


When people work as a team and achieve success there is a sense of pride that is palpable. Working positively as a team builds trust and loyalty in any industry.

Leadership & Productivity

There is a wonderful TED talk by Margaret Heffernan in which she explains that leadership and productivity are activities ”in which everyone can do their most courageous

thinking together.”  People are most productive when they have a harmonious relationship.

Less Conflict

The more people understand each other, the less conflict exists between them. When people have the opportunity to form relationships with their coworkers they may be less likely to enter into conflict.


Employees who are happier stay at organizations longer. Having a positive social component in the workplace can uplift employees and help them de-stress.

Every organization strives to increase productivity and employee happiness. Forming positive work relationships is key to achieving this goal, but, how do you actually make it happen?

Communication & Attitude

Promote open communication in the workplace. This isn’t only about speaking but actively listening. Entering the workplace with a positive attitude will allow people to see that you welcome conversation.

Allocating Time

If you and a coworker arrive five minutes early to a meeting, take that time to learn something new about them or reconnect on something you spoke about in the past. There are organizations that have established synchronized coffee breaks so that employees have designated time to get to know one another.

Team Building

If time cannot be allocated during the work day, team building activities can be a great option to bring employees together. Team building comes in many forms like games and excursions. Volunteering is also another great way to promote the development of positive working relationships. It is important to consider your employees and their interests to choose the best activity for the group.


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