The Impact of Fire Fighters for Operation Warm


In the winter of 2017, IAFF firefighters provided brand new winter coats to nearly 50,000 children living in need in the communities they serve. With every coat, firefighters deliver a gift of warmth, a boost in self esteem and a sense of hope to children most in need in their communities. They also send the message that their firefighter community is there for them.

Since partnering with Operation Warm in 2012, IAFF firefighters have told more than 300,000 children they deserve warmth, confidence and hope!

Operation Warm is proud to empower firefighters and share their stories of impact in their communities. With nearly 500 Firefighters for Operation Warm articles and links in the press and on social media, the good that IAFF firefighters are doing is definitely being noticed. More people than ever learned that local firefighters are fundraising and giving brand new coats to children in their communities.

During the winter of 2017:

  • 87 million views of a press release or news story about a Firefighters for Operation Warm program
  • 396 thousand views of a social media posts about a Firefighters for Operation Warm program

Together, Operation Warm and our IAFF firefighter partners are rewriting the script of child poverty in America, starting with their local communities, both large and small.

In their own words:

“Firefighters typically only see children at emergencies, so it was special for us to be able to spend time enjoying their smiles on a very happy and heart-warming occasion,” says Maurice Gilbert, Syracuse Firefighters, IAFF Local 280.

“They’re so happy to get something new; they’re so happy to receive it from a firefighter,” says Trevor Towey, Omaha Firefighters, IAFF Local 385.

“It’s really helpful, especially if a child is ever in an emergency situation they can say, ‘Hey, I remember that they gave us these coats,” says Mara Vitali, Elementary School Counselor. “These are the good guys.’”

“It’s an amazing initiative for the kids in Newark. These kids don’t want to take these coats off, and they have smiles from ear to ear. We’ve been doing it four years in a row and we choose a different ward each year,” says Anthony Tarantio, Newark Firefighters, IAFF Local 1860.

Since 1998, Operation Warm has inspired hope and empowered communities by manufacturing and distributing brand new winter coats to over 2.5 million children in need throughout the US. Without partners like IAFF firefighters, our mission would not be possible.

We would like to say THANK YOU to all of the Firefighters for Operation Warm and their supporters. By providing brand new winter coats to nearly 3000,000 children living in need in the communities they serve, these brave men and women helped Operation Warm get much closer to our goal of insuring that every child feel warm and valued.

Join hundreds of fire departments across the country to give brand new coats to children in the communities you protect.

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