The Green Guardian™ is a Coat for All Children


At Operation Warm, we believe that every child should experience warmth, confidence, and hope. This year, we are excited to announce the Green Guardian™, an eco-friendly coat made from recycled plastic bottles. Green Guardian™ coats will be gifted to children in need across North America this coming fall and winter season.

Plastic pollution is a global crisis and the importance of sustainable products is more important than ever.

Seattle recently became the first U.S. city to ban single-use plastic utensils and straws and major corporations like Starbucks are following suit by eliminating plastic straws by 2020. The Green Guardian™ is Operation Warm’s contribution to not only improving the lives of children but also the planet.

The Green Guardian™ is truly more than a coat. Of course, warmth is the immediate result. However, this coat also helps the planet and opens the door to a conversation about recycling that could spark habits that will impact our world for years to come.

Sustainable and StylishFor nearly twenty years Operation Warm has been working directly with manufacturers to create our own line of high-quality winter coats for children in need.

For nearly twenty years Operation Warm has been working directly with manufacturers to create our own line of high-quality winter coats for children in need. When it came to developing a coat made from recycled plastic bottles we were not willing to compromise on quality or style.

Dick Sanford, the founder of Operation Warm says, “This eco-friendly coat is just as stylish and durable as our other coats. It has been designed to withstand hours of playing outdoors and to protect against harsh winter temperatures.”

Education and Lifelong Habits

The Green Guardian™ is more than a coat that will keep children warm, it presents a unique opportunity for parents and loved ones to teach children about the importance of recycling.

Operation Warm’s, VP of Corporate Partnerships, Grace Sica says the Green Guardian™, “will inspire kids to recycle. It will inspire them to see how our individual actions can make a big difference. It will inspire them to dream about innovation: If a water bottle can become a coat, anything is possible… Let’s inspire the conversation by showing young people what things can be recycled into. ”

Instilling the importance of recycling at early in the life of a child is critical. Young children are like sponges, they are able to absorb tons of information. Developing an environmentally conscious mindset early can increase the chances of a child recycling as an adult.


Many clothing companies are developing and rolling out sustainable clothing made from better materials and even recycled items. However, these pieces tend to be expensive. The process of creating eco clothing of any type is a more timely and costly process than non-eco-clothing.

When asked about the affordability of our Green Guardian™ coats Grace stated, “For sustainable options to make an impact they can’t just be a premium product, they need to be available to families at every income level. We are excited to offer this coat for a $30 donation.”

In 2018, Operation Warm’s Green Guardian™ will keep nearly 500,000 plastic bottles out of landfills and will help keep nearly 15,000 children warm.

The Green Guardian™ coat is for all children. It is educational, sustainable, and affordable.

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