The Five Types of Charity Event Sponsors


 When businesses sponsor your charity event, everyone wins. Businesses do well, collecting everything from leads to tax benefits. Your organization develops great professional connections in the community. And, of course, successful events bring in more charitable donations, so more people can be helped.

Learn the five types of charity event sponsors, so you can choose the best ones that will work for your organization.

Financial Charity Event Sponsors

A financial sponsorship is the type of sponsorship that most of us think about first. A business contributes a set amount of money toward the event. In return, you may agree to use their logo in association with the event. For example, you may include it on flyers or t-shirts, or printed on the back of each event ticket.

For larger events, you can create sponsorship packages that offer varying levels of benefits that depend on the contribution. The largest contributor is often known as the title sponsor.

In-Kind Charity Event Sponsors

Another option for charity event sponsors is to offer in-kind donations. In-kind charity event sponsors donate needed goods or services instead of money, such as printing your event tickets and flyers. This could include a food and beverage sponsor, a location sponsor who provides a place for your event, a sponsor who provides new items you can auction, or more.

Media Sponsors

Media sponsors for charity events use their expertise, their connections and sometimes their own budgets to secure publicity for charitable events. Examples of media sponsors are radio and television stations, print publishers and public relations or marketing companies.

operation warm coatInfluencers for Charity Events

Influencers or promotional partners are individuals who have some sort of celebrity or public influence. Public figures, local celebrities, bloggers or social media icons are some examples of these types of sponsors.

Influencers will introduce and promote your event to their networks. This could be through posting to their social media fans, posting something on their website or even going on a local talk show.

Volunteer Charity Event Sponsors

If your event requires some extra manpower to make it run smoothly, you may want to pursue a volunteer or labor sponsor. These are businesses or even other organizations who provide the time and talent of their employees. The company may give its employees an incentive, such as time off from work to put in volunteer hours at your event.

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