The Confidence to Have a Great Day


Children “Have a great day. Good job, buddy. Good job.” Every student who walks into Deander Logan’s office is sure to walk out with a bit of extra encouragement and confidence. As principal of the Cramp Elementary School in Philadelphia, she knows encouragement, appreciation and student confidence are important to school success.

Children Really Deserve the Best

“The greatest thing about our school starts with the students, and it continues through the parents, and it is extended through the staff and community partnerships,” Principal Logan says. “We are so fortunate to have students that are so kind and wonderful. We are so blessed. We have extraordinary students here who are kind, thoughtful, compassionate and very bright. They are children who are so active and really deserve the best. And, it really continues with the parents. We have parents who are so supportive and care so much about their children and their education. They are actively engaged in their children’s lives, and they are actively engaged with the school as well.”

Getting Kids to School with Confidence

Philly has long been ranked the poorest metropolitan area of the country’s biggest cities. For Cramp Elementary, overcoming the educational challenges of a financially insecure community includes just getting kids to school in the first place. Their Operation Warm coats help. The children proudly wear their coats in the cold weather. Children are confident when wearing Operation Warm coats. The coats are brand new and specially made in trending colors and styles. Children do not and will not stand out as being students in need.

“The children love the coats—so stylish, so fashionable and in a style that really appeals to the children and can give them confidence that they look nice,” Principal Logan says.

Once the children get to school, Principal Logan and her staff praise the kids for arriving ready to learn. The children get  an extra confidence boost.

“We have extraordinary students here who are kind, thoughtful, compassionate and very bright, Principal Logan says. “They are children who are so active and really deserve the best.”

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