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You Make Winter Warm

Thank you for your generous support of children in need. Without you, Operation Warm would not be able to continue working toward our shared goal of keeping children warm. Please…

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Can a New Coat Help You Get to College?

Monroe is nestled in northern Louisiana. Just north of the city, birds and alligators make their home in the cypress swamps of Black Bayou, and there is probably not an…

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walking to school

The Benefits of Walking to School

Children’s health advocates are urging parents and schools to consider making it possible for children to walk to school. This is because there are many physical, mental and academic benefits…

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monthly donation

10 Benefits of Donating Monthly

Have you ever felt emotionally moved by someone’s story and wanted to make a lasting difference? Donating monthly (becoming a monthly recurring donor) offers many benefits to both you and…

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The Confidence to Have a Great Day

Children “Have a great day. Good job, buddy. Good job.” Every student who walks into Deander Logan’s office is sure to walk out with a bit of extra encouragement and…

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impact of operation warm

The National Reach and Local Impact of Operation Warm

Your support made a huge impact during the fall and winter season of 2018-19. Thanks to dedicated people like you all across North America, more than 405,000 brand new coats…

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