Shivering with Cold, the Little Girl’s Face Said It All

She arrived at school shivering. Despite the freezing temperatures of a Pennsylvania winter, this six-year-old didn’t have a coat to protect her from the cold.

Andrea Fink, the child’s kindergarten teacher at the East Lansdowne Elementary School in Pennsylvania, experienced that moment. “I asked her where her big warm winter coat was, and she put her head down and shyly had to explain all she had was a sweatshirt to wear outside.”

Poverty like this is all too real in communities across the country. For example, in this little girl’s school, more than 70 percent of students are on free and reduced lunch assistance. This tells us there are many families living in need in the community. When families struggle with food and rent, there may not be anything left for warm clothing. Fortunately, though generous donations from Operation Warm supporters like you, children in need at East Landsdowne Elementary School have the opportunity to be protected in winter.

For teachers like Fink, it is obvious that the gift of a brand new winter coat goes beyond physical warmth.

“I went and got a pink warm winter coat from your donations. When I put it on her and zipped it up and told her she could keep this coat, it was hers, the look on her face was priceless,” she says. “I wish you could experience that moment too! She was filled with pride, excitement, and appreciation. I am so grateful to you and the amazing people that donate to keep my kids warm.”

“Sometimes it’s the little things that have such a big effect,” she says. “Thank you for the difference you make to my students! You are WONDERFUL!!!”

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