Nashville Fire Fighters Doing What It Takes to Help Kids in Need


The Nashville Fire Fighters Local 140 will do whatever it takes to help families in their communities and raise awareness of their Operation Warm Coats for Kids program. They have pulled a 27,000-pound fire truck in a Hero’s Challenge, published Fire Fighter photo calendars, hosted a fancy gala, and partnered with country artists and celebrities both big and small.

“Currently, we’re trying our hardest to get on Ellen’s show. We got the firemen. We got the calendar. We would love the opportunity to talk more about these coats,” says Chelsea Kempchinsky, of the Nashville Fire Fighters.

Nashville Fire Fighters for Operation Warm

Nashville fire fighters“We were one of the first pilot program of Fire Fighters that Operation Warm launched almost eight years ago,” Kempchinsky says. “I think it is because there are a lot of big hearts in the South. Anything for kids, and the Nashville Fire Fighters show up. They truly, 1,000-percent support any good program that benefits kids.”

From that first Operation Warm fundraiser through last winter, the Nashville Fire Fighters for Operation Warm have raised nearly $80,000 for their local children in need. “It is very well received, especially when you deal with a well-made coat that is very inexpensive,” Kempchinsky says.

The Nashville Fire Fighters choose schools that are in great need.  Kempchinsky says they then do whatever it takes to raise funds to provide coats for every single child in that school. “No child will ever go without a coat,” she says.

A Cause that Everyone Can Get Behind

Kempchinsky says Nashville Fire Fighters supporters are also happy to support the Operation Warm program because “while Nashville is a thriving city, there are still many who can’t even afford a winter coat.”

Kempchinsky says that while everyone has a great time at the fundraising events, she believes the best time is had when it comes time to gift the brand new coats to the children. “Our team gets to experience the joy first hand. They get to see how a child’s eyes just light up.”

“These kids are so appreciative for everything we take for granted, Kempchinsky says. “I am all in with [Operation Warm] from every year on out.”

Join hundreds of fire departments across the country to give brand new coats to children in the communities you protect.

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