Mister, This Dime is for You

The little girl was not to be moved, and Bill Hogan of the Rotary Club of Wauconda, wasn’t sure what to do. For the last 15 minutes, she had refused to get her flu shot, a protective measure that is especially important to children who live and go to school in crowded conditions. All children pick up bugs, but children in need can be especially vulnerable.

This child was luckier than some. By participating in the Operation Warm-Coats for Kids program in Lake Zurich, she was provided with a warm coat to get her through the winter. So many came into the coat-giving event in Illinois wearing thin jackets or layered in multiple shirts and hoodies. The parents do the best they can.

Still, Bill knew he had to focus on the task at hand: convincing this little one, huddled down in her brand new winter coat, that the flu shot would be one more gift to her, despite the pinch. Bryan Anderson, a fellow Rotarian, added his support, and she decided to trust them.

“Before she went for the shot she walked up to me, held out a quarter, and said again, ‘Mister, this dime is for you.’

“I eventually gave up on convincing her that her ‘dime’ was a quarter,” Bill says. “She just smiled and said, ‘Mister, this dime is for you. I should not get a free coat when I can pay a dime.’” He admits that he took the “dime.” “I still have it, and I always will have it, until I match it with enough ‘dimes’ to fund another coat. The day was filled with little things like this, which made it clear that all of us were doing the right thing by being there.”

We would like to thank Bill and all of the supporters of the Lake Zurich Coats for Kids program. This program was organized by members of The Chapel in Lake Zurich with support from the Wauconda and Lake Zurich Rotary Clubs, The Rotary Foundation, Wauconda Firefighters and Police, Libertyville Firefighters, the Caring Women’s Connection, Moody Radio Chicago and the District 95 Educational Foundation . You gave the gift of warmth to more than 1,500 area children living in need.

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