Lane Bryant and Bring Warmth to Classrooms Across America


Lane Bryant understands that teachers can struggle to provide necessary supplies for their students. Many teachers spend their own money to make sure students have what they need to succeed but too often come up short.

That is why Lane Bryant awarded and Operation Warm with a grant to fund 220 high-needs classrooms nationwide with $550 for classroom supplies and 12 brand new winter coats.

With this grant, 4,620 coats were delivered to children in need. As for the funds provided to teachers? Teachers purchased everything from much-needed basic supplies such as paper, pencils and gluesticks to books, classroom furnishings, STEM and art materials. The students particularly enjoyed the hands-on learning experiences brought to life because of this grant.

What does the partnership between Lane Bryant, and Operation Warm mean to teachers? Better classrooms and happier students.

“The desks and chairs in my classroom are very old and uncomfortable. In addition, my classroom is small and I have 30 students crammed in together during the day. There is not a lot of space for us to move around in, and many of my 6th graders struggle with being able to stay in their seats and focus on the lesson for the day.

With the money from your grant, I bought yoga mats, stability balls, and wobble cushions. I have a number of challenging students in my class this year, One in particular struggles with anger management. This year he is able to take a yoga mat out to the hallway when he feels the need to calm down, instead of losing his temper and disrupting the class. This child received an A in Social Studies this year, his first ever. This would not have been possible without this generous grant.”

– Karen Haynie, Young Elementary School, Chicago, IL

“Your generous donation of coats for students in need put a smile on their faces. When I wrote their names on the inside of the jackets, it was such a sense of pride for each of them. With your donation, I also purchased reading incentives for my students as they challenge themselves to move up the Reading Thermometer.

The reading incentives changed the atmosphere in my classroom for reading. I have some students who do not like to read who are reading more books for the prizes. I have noticed that more students this read are moving up our Reading Thermometer faster than in previous years. This positive attitude for reading will definitely help them be successful on our state tests.”

– Geralyn Lewis, Buford Elementary School, Inglewood, CA

If you would like to help students access the supplies they deserve, check out here. 

Interested in aligning your organization with Operation Warm’s mission to provide warmth, confidence and hope to children in need?  Learn more about our corporate partnership opportunities.

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