Kids Who Spend Their Summer Vacation Giving

How are you spending your summer vacation? For these kids, giving up some of their summertime fun is a small price to pay to make a difference in their communities. The truth is, kids have a big impact on the way we see the world. They have immense creativity and give us a fresh look on the problems in our communities. Their determination to give back inspires others to do the same.

Enjoy the following stories of children who spent their summer vacation giving back to others.

Bishop Curry V

An 11-yearKids giving-old from McKinney Texas, Bishop Curry V, invented a device that can help prevent infants from overheating in cars.

In Texas summers, the average temperature is 95 degrees, with extremes reaching 100. Curry’s invention, Bishop’s Oasis, will prevent babies and toddlers from suffering overheating.

The device features motion capture, which will trigger a fan to blow cool air onto the child. It will also call parents and emergency services to alert them of the child. Curry’s father created a GoFundMe page and has raised $46,000 towards legal and manufacturing fees. Currently Bishop is waiting to hear back from the United States Patent and Trademark Office before the manufacturing of his device can begin.

Read more about Curry’s initiative here.


Alyssa DemarcoKids giving

In sixth grade, Alyssa Demarco was searching for a way to share her love of reading while helping others. In 2009, Demarco and her mother started Alyssa’s Bedtime Stories.

This nonprofit collects new and used books and donates them to organizations that help children who don’t have a home. Demarco also collects monetary donations as well as pajamas and toothbrushes. Alyssa’s Bedtime Stories gives between 500 and 900 packages each year.

Visit Alyssa’s Bedtime Stories to learn more.


Kaylee Hooley

Kids givingAt the age of 10, Kaylee Hooley, along with her father Chris, bought and distributed Gatorade bottles to the homeless living in Phoenix. The Hooley’s soon realized that homeless people needed more than just drinks and started reKindle. ReKindle is a nonprofit working to help the less fortunate and inspire others to do the same.

ReKindle has multiple programs that assist the homeless. Programs include Kindness Co-Op volunteering, #Kindness365, and WorkFirst which allows unemployed people the chance to gain work experience, receive counseling, and write a resume. With the help of her father and volunteers, Kaylee has helped thousands of homeless people.

See for more information.

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