Hurricane Harvey Relief: Why Do They Need Coats in Texas?


Do the victims of Hurricane Harvey really need coats in Texas? It is a question that has been coming up several times a day on our social media feeds.

Many wonderful organizations are collecting and mobilizing for the immediate need. Water, shelter and diapers are on top of mind for both those in need and the generous people who want to help. But what happens in the aftermath, in the months and the years ahead, when a stunned community needs to rebuild? What happens when thousands of families try to return to lives that will never be the same again?

This is where the Operation Warm team, made up of staff, donors and partners-on the-ground can step in to fill a need. With custom-made brand new Operation Warm coats and baby rompers, we can provide a specific solution to children. We can stay focused on the long-term recovery and safety of children in Texas.

Right now temperatures are still warm in Texas and the areas being devastated by Hurricane Harvey. In a few months, this situation will change. In late fall through winter, a coat will help protect a child from the wind and cold rain.  While winters in the area are relatively mild compared to other parts of the country, cold fronts do drop nighttime lows into the 30s. This feels even colder when you are used to warmer days.

Every winter, there is at least one hard freeze reported, where temperatures get even lower. Houston, especially, is a city that is prone to extreme variation in the winter months. We certainly don’t want any child to be unprepared, especially after suffering the trauma of being in the middle of Hurricane Harvey’s wrath.

Beside the gift of physical warmth, there is one more very important reason for us provide new clothing to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, instead of used clothes. Giving a child a new coat won’t only help to keep them warm, but give them a much needed boost of self-esteem and joy, especially for those who’ve lost everything to the floods.

Fortunately, as a nonprofit whose decades-long mission has been to distribute coats for kids to those in need, we are uniquely positioned to fill this important need. We hope you will become part of our team and our mission, but we thank you for any way you can support those in need.

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