How to Hold a Successful Yard Sale for a Cause


Spring has sprung, and there is no better way to start fresh than by cleaning out your home. Around this time of year, one of the most popular methods of getting rid of unused or forgotten items is by way of a yard or garage sale.

This year, why not give yourself a little extra motivation to clear out the clutter from your home? Holding a yard sale for charity is a great way to get rid of unused items, but can also be extremely helpful for those in need.

Planning a Successful Yard Sale for Charity

When it comes to putting together a yard sale, we definitely recommend making the event a team effort. Not only will it be a lot more fun, but it will greatly increase your chances of success. By and large, colaborative and multi-family yard tend to attract more shoppers. Plus, by getting others in on your efforts to do some charity work, they too might feel motivated to do some good as well. You’ll raise even more funds for your favorite cause.

Next, do a quick check to make sure that your town, city, or home owners association allows yard sales, or if you need to have a permit to host one. You certainly don’t want to be shut down on the day of the sale.

Set the day of the sale and get ready to spread the word. Thoug perhaps before doing so, you might want to choose the charity or charities of which you will be raising funds for.

Choosing a Charity

Carefully review the charity or charities you wish to support. Choose a charity that represents something that is important to you; one that fits in with your values and is easy to explain to shoppers. A reputable charity will define its mission clearly and be open and transparent about where the money is going. Many charities have an online donation option, to make it easy to donate. In addition, you’ll want to make sure the charity offers a tax receipt for your records.

You also might want to consider setting up a way for people to donate outside of the physical sale. Friends and family may wish to support your cause without making a purchase, so creating a fundraising page would help them to do so.

Advertising Your Sale

You should start advertising your sale at least a week in advance. Don’t forget to mention that the proceeds of your sale will be going to support your charity. This will often motivate people not only to come to your sale but to be quite generous in their purchases.

There are at least three ways you should be advertising your yard sale:

  • Online classifieds (such as Craigslist)
  • Create an event page via Facebook or other social media outlets.
  • Yard sale signs. Put up lots of signs that lead people straight to your sale!

Tips for Yard Sale Pricing

Pricing  items can be one of the most confusing parts of the yard sale event. While a general good rule of thumb is to price items about a third to a fourth of the original price when it was new, people tend to be more generous when the proceeds are going to a charity, and they will often pay more than than the sticker price indicates. This means you don’t have to worry about pricing too low.


Don’t forget to let the charity know that you plan on supporting them with a yard sale! Not only will they be thankful, but they may even be able to give you some tips and tricks of their own for making the most out of your yard sale for charity.

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