How to Get Your Organization Volunteering

It doesn’t matter if you are an executive or an intern, you can make a positive impact by getting your organization volunteering. The benefits of volunteering as an organization are huge. Employee volunteering is a viable option to reduce employee turnover and to make employees happier and healthier.

Today, companies are looking to their employees to determine which causes they support. Here are six steps to create an awesome volunteer opportunity for you and your colleagues.

How To Get Your Organization Volunteering Infographic

1. Start with Your Interests

If you are thinking about volunteering start with your interests. Are you already involved with a nonprofit organization? Are you passionate about a certain cause in particular? IF you aren’t sure where to begin, let your interests drive some research into nonprofit organizations that do work in your area.

2. Begin the Conversation 

When you are chatting with your coworkers throughout the day or at lunch, bring up the idea of volunteering as a team. Begin to gauge people’s level of interest and what causes matter to them.

3. Gather People Together 

There is power in numbers. Try pulling together 5-10 of your coworkers that have a high level of interest in volunteering as an organization. Proving that there are people who want to get involved is important to gain the support of your organization.

4. Select Your Cause 

Since you have already done your personal research you have something to bring to the table once you have identified a few coworkers that are interested in volunteering. Present your thoughts to the group and open the discussion. Talk through other possibilities that people bring up, conduct more research, and select one to pursue. This is the fun part!

5. Build a Case 

Determine how supporting your selected nonprofit or cause will benefit the overall goals of the organization. Today, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is often a component of the overall business goals of an organization. For example, IGS Energy has partnered with Operation Warm for the last five years. You may be thinking what could an energy company and a nonprofit dedicated to providing brand new winter coats to kids have in common? They both provide warmth to people. Identifying a natural connection like this will build a stronger case for your cause.

6. Present Your Ideas to Decision Makers 

Reach out to your Human Resources team to identify who at your organization should be part of the conversation surrounding an employee volunteer program. Set up an in-person meeting if possible to present your ideas. Make sure you practice and are thoroughly prepared to answer questions. Follow up by addressing any additional concerns. You’ll soon be on your way to making a lasting impression on your organization and doing good in your community by establishing an employee volunteer program!


Interested in aligning your organization with Operation Warm’s mission to provide warmth, confidence and hope to children in need?  Learn more about our corporate partnership opportunities.


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