How to Get More Donations for Your Fundraiser

Inspiring people to give. It is an important responsibility, because without donations, you won’t be able to accomplish your mission to help others. With so much need and so many great causes, organizations like yours need to employ the most current best practices to ensure that donors will take notice.

Here are three great ways to get more donations for your fundraiser.

Give Donors Multiple Ways to Donate

Make it easy for potential donors to give by allowing them a choice in how they want to donate. You want your potential donors to feel comfortable and good about giving. You don’t need to offer every donate option, but allowing for more than one way to donate is a good idea.

Here are some of the different ways people like to donate to a cause:

  • A secure online website
  • By writing a check and mailing it
  • In person at an event through cash or credit card
  • By a text-to-donate option
  • Through a Facebook fundraiser

In our experience at Operation Warm, one of the most popular ways for people to donate is through the secure online donation pages we offer as a free service to our partners.

Share Great Stories

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A story about your organization and the people it helps can be truly impactful. It gives potential donors insights into your program, helps them understand what you want to accomplish and makes your program personal. Some ideas for great stories include:

  • Someone you’ve helped/will help
  • Your fundraising or coat-giving event
  • How your team got started
  • What makes your organization or your program unique
  • Someone who is a big donor or supporter
  • Why your cause “fills a need” in your community
  • Your volunteers
  • An overall report on the impact of your mission

Encourage “Word of Mouth” to Get More Donations for Your Fundraiser

Encouraging current donors to share your cause with their friends, family and associates used to be called “word of mouth.” Today, it is known as “social proof,” and it may be more effective than ever in getting more donations for your fundraiser. Here are some ideas for encouraging donors to share your fundraiser.

  • Create a social media hashtag for your program (for example, use #morethanacoat and #coatsforkids for Operation Warm programs)
  • Ask donors to share your fundraising link when they donate
  • Create a “peer-to-peer” fundraising page.
  • Host a “sharing” contest. Award prizes to the people who share the most or bring in the most new donors.

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