How to Get Community Support for Your Fire Fighter Programs


Our first responders keep our community safe. Fire Fighters, in particular, often go way beyond the call of duty to take on other programs and projects that are outside the job description. One Fire Fighter told us that he became interested in providing brand new coats to children in need when he saw how some fires were started when families took desperate measures to stay warm.

Because Fire Fighters are involved in so many projects, they often, they usually need to get creative with fundraisers to ensure a successful project. The key to a successful fundraiser: get the community involved in your efforts.

There are three things that can help get support for your charitable giving programs.

  • A cause that the community can get behind
  • Sponsorships
  • Media/Press

A Cause Everyone Can Get Behind

It is easiest to get support when the community understands the reason for your fundraiser and why it is so important. Share your goal. Share what the impact will be in the community when you reach or exceed that goal. It helps if the reason for your fundraiser is something that crosses boundaries in the community—meaning that it is a fundraiser that everyone can get behind.

For example, here is the fundraising page that the Bellingham/Whatcom County Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 106 use to collect donations for their coats for kids program. The donation page explains what the program is: Raising funds to provide brand new coats to kids in need, what the goal is, and the difference it will make.


children in fire hats and operation warm coatsSponsorships can be important when you want to raise a lot of money fast, and you want to do it by holding an event. Local business sponsors can help offset any costs involved with your fundraising event, as well as give your program additional publicity in the community.

Events with sponsorship can also foster community support for years to come. Fundraising events can lead to long term donations, awareness and loyalty–VolunteerMatch

For tips about finding and landing sponsorships, read: The Fire Fighter’s Guide to Getting Fundraising Event Sponsors

Media and Press

Community members can only help you if they are aware of your project. So tell them!

Getting the media (news outlets, radio shows and more) to cover your Fire Fighter program can solve this program and get you more support.

It may be hard to know where to start. We’ve put together an easy to implement guide that includes a visual reference: Quick Guide for Fire Fighters: How to Get Positive News Coverage

Join hundreds of fire departments across the country to give brand new coats to children in the communities you protect.

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