How to Find Donors for Your Fundraiser


The success of your fundraiser depends on your ability to gather donors who feel just as passionate as you do about a cause. Learn how to find donors for your fundraiser and turn them into lifelong supporters.

Send the Right Message

The first step on how to find donors for your fundraiser is to figure out what you want to say about your cause. The more authentic and clear you can be about what you are asking potential donors to do, the easier it is to find supporters who feel the same way you do. Avoid gimmicky language and just be open and honest when you tell them why they should support your mission. When asked “How to find donors,” the common response by the experts is “Be authentic.”

Tell Personal Stories

Tell personal stories about your cause and the people you want to help. The helps potential supporters not only understand the impact and the importance of your fundraiser, but it also helps give them a personal connection. Personal stories can inspire a lot of support. They are also easy to share with others and are a natural way to find new people who would like to help.

For example, here at Operation Warm, we use our blog to tell the stories that warm our hearts, because we know they will warm the hearts of others as well. Although you may not have met all of them, your donors are your friends, and they should know all of the good things that are coming out of your mission.

Use the Power of Social Media for Good

There is no doubt that social media can be a great way to bring awareness to your fundraiser. You can share your message with a lot of people at one time and give them a donation link. Ask your existing supporters to share your message with others in their social media networks. Many successful teams offer this advice when asked how to find donors.

Create Facebook and Twitter pages just for you fundraiser and ask your friends and family to join. You can photos, event information and more. You may decide it is worth spending a small amount of money on a social media ad to reach more people.

How to Find Donors? Hold Fun Events

Events have the power to make people show up where they can learn about your fundraiser. Don’t forget to alert the press. Local newspapers and television news are always looking for fun stories to feature, especially when the actions benefit a good cause.

Depending on the event, you may want to ask for a donation for admission. If you can get local sponsors for the event, even better. Ask them to tell everyone they know as well.

The type of event you do is only limited by your imagination and its connection to your mission and your region. Two great examples are this Beard Challenge and this Fire Truck Pull.

Celebrate Milestones

Everyone loves being part of a winning team. Keep the public up to date on your accomplishments, your milestones and your goals. It keeps donors and potential donors in the loop, and gives you more chances to talk about your fundraiser. Keep it fun by planning out things you will do when you hit a certain milestone. For example, one school fundraiser promised to tape the principal to a hallway wall, as soon as they received a certain amount of donations.


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