How Our Kids Are Paying It Forward


OperatioN Warm ChildIsn’t it wonderful how one act of kindness can start a sort of domino effect. Do something kind for another person and often they will do the same for others. It is no different for kids, whose innate child like logic, sense of justice and giving hearts make them especially good at taking in a kindness and giving it back.

We often don’t hear these stories, the ones where our kind acts are paid forward. Operation Warm staff, supporters and volunteers can see it in the the kindnesses that the kids offer each other on coat distribution days. One friend will often let another have the last coat in a favorite color, help a smaller child pick out a coat, or give a volunteer the biggest, warmest hug they have ever gotten in their life.

Recently, one of our supporters, The Colonial Oaks Foundation, sent us cards that were filled out by the kids. In addition to thanking Operation Warm donors, several of the cards mentioned how the gift inspired them to support someone else in their lives, through an act of kindness. As you read through the ways these kids paid it forward, keep in mind that most of these are children who often don’t have their basic needs met, and yet, they are often the first ones to give away the little they have.

Enjoy reading the following notes and comments from the kids. They will definitely make your day a little brighter.

Jordan was so grateful for his brand new coat that he ‘gave a friend my favorite toy.’

Hailey said she “Helped fold laundry so my mom could do homework. I also put the grocery list together. Thank you for the coat to keep me warm.”

Justice said, “When my mom left, I cleaned the living room and when she back I surprised her with a clean living room so she would not have to clean tomorrow. Thank you.”

Angel said, “Help my mom when she was sick. I clean my toys when it was messy. Thank you. God bless you.”

Anesha says she “Gave my friend my lunch when she didn’t have any.”

Serena said she “gives people hugs when they are sad.”

Rachael gave food to the homeless.

Brianna says, “I gave a friend my hat because she was cold.”

Jesus goes with his family to visit the sick on Wednesdays and Thursdays. He brings them fruit or a little snack.

Allen says,” I saw a friend in need and hugged her because she had a sad look on her face.”

Julez says,” I gave a friend my video game because he didn’t have any.”

Ella says, “I like to share my toy and donate my clothes to more in need children.”

Every year, Isabella helps her family gather items for institutions in need, such a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

Karolloy says, “I helped my neighbor Carlos get us when he tripped.”

Ashley says, “I got my brother ready for school to pay it forward. Thank you for buying us coats. I really appreciate it.”

Isabel L. says, “I helped my mom pay for the bills and baby sat the dogs for her cousin.

Kareema says, “Thank you so much for the coats. You didn’t have to do it, but you did!” She wanted you all to know that she helped her neighbor with the groceries.

Jazmierere says, “I helped a friend to buy lunch when he didn’t have money.”

Azuleirys says, “I helped a lady across the street.”

Karden helped her mommy when she was sick.

Treylier says, “I gave my allounance to my mom for my new baby sister.”

Tosjayer Says, “I gave my friend my new scarf because she didn’t have one.”

Our thanks go out to donors and supports like you. You are making a difference.

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