How Can I Improve My Rotary Club’s Chances of Being Mentioned in the Press


Your Rotary Club is doing great things. It is time for everyone to know about it. Use these tips to improve your chances of being mentioned in the press. The story of your service can be an inspiration to others and attract interest in your local Rotary Club.

Let the Press Know They Are Welcome

rotaryPut out the proverbial welcome mat to the press to let them know that your Rotary Club welcomes them and will make it easy for them to cover stories about your local club and its service.

The Portsmouth Rotary does a great job of welcoming press coverage on their website. They provide a welcome message and an invitation to attend meeting, quick information about their club, contact information for someone the press can talk to and full media guidelines.

Consider developing a press packet that can be given to members of the press who attend your meets or events. The Operation Warm Partner Portal contains ready-made materials you can use to promote the work you do with Operation Warm.

Tell a Good Story

What is unique or interesting about your club or your service project? Use storytelling to capture interest, and then write a great press release.

PR News suggest that to structure your press release for effective storytelling, “you’ll want to look for stories that are timely, compelling and most of all, complete. Make sure you have everything a journalist needs to cover this story.”

Here is an example of a compelling storytelling press release about Operation Warm’s Volunteer Brigade.

Be Relevant and Relatable with the Press

running children in coatsNews about your Rotary Club is more likely to stand out to reporters and editors if you develop relationships with members of the press and bring them stories that are relatable to their interests and needs.

“It’s important to build a relationship with the media professionals in your market because let’s face it, no ones like that person that only comes to you when they need something,” says Lauren Holloway, Operation Warm’s Creative/Media Coordinator. “Introducing yourself early on is important.”

How do you know who to contact? “Research, research, research!” Lauren advises. “It’s so important to pitch a journalist that covers similar stories to the one you’re pitching. Once you’ve found that journalist, get their email, put the title of one of their recent articles in the subject line, compliment them on a great writing piece and relate back to it within your pitch.”

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